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I want to keep my old toucansurf email account

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When TalkTalk moved my broadband+phone account to Fleur (we had no choice in the matter) 2yrs ago they seemed to leave my main email account (an old account) running on a TalkTalk mail server. At least I assume that's what happened because from that point onwards I had to download my toucansurf emails from what seems to be a TalkTalk/Pipex server

But Fleur have hiked up the charges lately so I need to switch away. They don't seem able to tell me what will happen to my email. Does anyone know if my toucansurf email will just continue to be hosted as it is now - or will TalkTalk or Fleur suspend the account ?

Many thanks

Desperately Ignorant Paul


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Hi @Desperately Ignorant Paul 


The toucansurf email account has remained under the TalkTalk umbrella.  So long as you sign in to the Webmail access at least once every 180 days then the email account will remain active.


In due course, just like other legacy email accounts managed by TalkTalk, you'll receive emails from TalkTalk advising that the toucansurf email account will be upgraded to the new TalkTalk Mail platform. When the upgrade is complete you'll sign in to TalkTalk Webmail

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