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I want to move to another provider can I take my tiscali email address with me (for free)?

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I’ve heard I may have to pay to subscribe to something to do this, is that correct?


 I just want to use another provider and take my current tiscali email address with me. I don’t want this to be super complicated or have to pay anything. Can TalkTalk support person answer this query ASAP please?

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@ClareB, most ISPs that used to promise us an email address "for life" now charge for you to continue to use it after you leave the company. 


So it is still for life, but you have to pay a fee. 


Please see here for details:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.
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The advice from TalkTalk is in the help page About TalkTalk Mail Plus.


You can certainly keep your tiscali mailbox subject to paying a subscription fee of (currently) £5/m or £50 a year payable by UK Bank Direct Debit.

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Hi ClareB, the guys have answered your post perfectly. 




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