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Need help?

Inbox emptied

First Timer

I hope someone can help. 

I tried the chat, and they took a lot of my info, but then didnt manage to do anything. 

My inbox has been emptied, with some important emails in it. I have tried, but have been unable to recover them. Is there anything you can do to help? It looks like its happened to many others too, but I cannot fix this without some help. 

Please do what you can. 

Community Star

Hi @Esther221 


The mailbox could be faulty but usually what's happened is that a new device, or an existing device with settings changed to POP3 protocol, has been connected to your mailbox and downloaded the emails from the Inbox to that device. Other folders in the mailbox remain unaffected.


Just to explain that your emails arrive in your mailbox at TalkTalk and stay in the Inbox until deleted when those messages move to the Trash folder until the Trash is emptied. Devices like computers or phones connected to the mailbox to view messages are normally connected using IMAP protocol and just see and work on the messages in the mailbox. But if a device connects using default POP3 protocol then messages download to the single device and if not set to remain in the mailbox are deleted and only exist on the device.


How do you normally view your emails? Just viewing using webmail, for example, signing in to TalkTalk Mail using an Internet browser?


Do you, or anyone that has access to your mailbox, know of any new device being set up to connect to view your messages?

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