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Increase in spam email in recent days

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There has been noticeable increase in spam emails over the past few days.


Numerous spam emails are appearing in my inbox all of a sudden. Have others noticed it as well?


Not sure if changeover to new email system has created this problem.



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A lot of Talktalk customers are receiving a high number of spam partly due to the well recorded Hack and partly due to Talktalk's new mail system so we are told.


Talktalk could be more proactive in getting their spam filters to work as my Spam folder has exceeded 230.


What is Spam is the first point of call, some person has access to a mailing list and is trying to promote products for a cash reward, that's it simple.


Understanding this is key to overcoming the problem, we are protected by GDPR, you have not signed up to receive it so its illegal.


Spotting the Spam is easy "Club member", " Customer service",and emails that offer Primark vouchers, Morrisons, Tesco etc, these are designed to get you to open the email.

On opening the email a picture opens up and on that picture is what is called a tracking pixel, this contains or runs a code that confirms to the spammer that your email is active.


The risk here is that you click on something in the picture that means you accept or want to enter a draw for a £500 shopping voucher, however, all this does is signs you up to receive spam. 

The spammer has obtained an email list illegally and is trying to get you to click and sign up to get around GDPR.


Next we have free samples washing up products and face creams, now if you want these go directly to the manufacturer and ask for them, they will tell you if they have any samples and will be only too pleased to send them to you, why would you want to sign up to a spammer who has no affiliation to these products.


We then have the Keto diet, Slim faster, Dragons Den, Cannabis Oils, etc again if you want any of these go to a respectable company do your research, think would you buy a product you have no idea what's in it where it comes from, the answer no.


Finally we have "Equity release", "Personal Loans", " Bitcoin", "Free spins online", now bearing in mind that the spammer has got these companies onboard by promoting what is called a click through.

As the Spammer tells a company that his database is legal and all the people have signed and he has proof, so I will promote your "Equity Release" to my database for 10p a click. Here the Spammer gets paid 10p for every email that is opened as their product is put directly to potential clients, cheaper than a second class stamp.


Now I have picked on several companies who sell hard products like Windows, Boilers, Conservatories etc and chased down a Spammer through their marketing department, I demanded to know who the Spammer was and then wanted from the Spammer hard evidence that I had signed up. He gave me an IP address that he claimed that I signed up through, it turned out to be a Hotel in Paris, France, a location I have never been to, not even to France.

So although you are being spammed they fake where YOU signed up to make their lists look legal.


So what do you do when you get Spam, firstly think who gains, it's not you, the spammer has approached you, so what does he want, well as a minimum for you to open his email so he can get cash, secondly for you to either sign up to legalise his spamming or approach the company he is promoting where he may also get some cash if the sale is successful.


Don't open the spam email send it straight to the spam folder, if you accidentally open it you might see an "unsubscribe" button don't use it, Why?because you have not subscribed so why should you unsubscribe, all this button does is tell the spammer your account is live or worst case although it may say unsubscribe underneath it may be used to sign you up. Close the email and put it straight into the spam folder, don't delete it you can do that at a later date but Talktalk must know its spam.


What next, well there is a lot you can do about spam but we are not proactive and hence spam just keeps coming so organise yourself and fight back. 

Go to the Information Commissioner's Office website and download a complaint form, fill it out and save it, to download the form you have to answer 4 questions and here is the guidance.

  1. Who owns the email account you received the message at

answer)  An individual.

     2) Do you know who sent the message.

            answer) Yes.

 The message is sent on behalf of the company who is  being promoted so they are responsible, if it's promoting Equity Release then it must be a UK company etc.

      3) Is the sender based in the UK

            answer) Yes.

The company who is being promoted, it would be pointless asking an overseas company for Equity release.

      4)  Have you ever provided your details to the sender.

             answer) No


Fill out the form and send an email with form and spam email to


If your spam is offering a Tesco, Morrison, Primark card it's simply to get you to sign up to legitimise there spamming under GDPR, straight to spam folder, the same for all medics diet etc.


So "Equity release", "Personal Loans", " Bitcoin", "Free spins online" are hard products there is a company behind them, for free spins I reported the spam to the Gambling Commission and pointed out that I was being spammed by this company and other companies don't spam me but comply to the UK rules and regulations so their licence should be revoked.

It stopped and here I would expect Talktalk to be more Proactive and help us track down this spammer, for example they could open Equity release spam email and follow the chain, provide the ICO all the details and back it up with all our spam mail we have posted.


Talktalk have caused this problem and should be seen to be proactive to track, stop and get this spammer fined,  156,959 Talktalk customers had their emails address stolen consider a 10p click through is about £15,695 per each spam mail sent so you can see why it's being done.


I have 230 plus spam emails saved if these are sent to 156,959 Talktalk customers then we have 36,100,570 spam emails handled by Talktalk as yet their spam filters don't work!.


As I write I have just received four spam emails "The Man's miracle" now would I want to purchase a product from who knows where, containing who knows what from a spammer undertaking an illegal operation, er No.


You could try the spam filters based on the web based email, go online and sign in to your account this will open up with folders on the top left, click on the spam folder.

Click on a saved spam email, it will not open but will show some header details, within this on the right hand side are three horizontal bar icon. If you click this icon a list of actions appears two of these are of interest 'create filter rule' and 'view source code'.


Create filter rule allows you to set up an automatic rejection of a spam mail eg. Bitcoin, but I suggest that you read a Talktalk guide or tutorial on how to do this as you could block out all your email.


View source code will allow you to view the code of the spam mail received, useful only to identify where it has come from if you are an expert at code.


I hope my view on spam would be helpful and if we all (take note Talktalk) took a proactive action to deal with spam it won't be worth while spamming.


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Hi @tjeffery 


@tjeffery wrote:..the format of your spam list has changed, it used to be a simple text format with one line per email address but now it's in a CSV (comma seperated variable) format...

I can't work out where you're seeing this "spam list". Please advise and maybe post a screenshot.


If an entire domain was a spam sender then the best action is to have that domain taken down.  But spammers / scammers usually use hijacked domains so blocking an entire domain would block legitimate senders.


You can still discard or reject emails from whole domains though.


@tjeffery wrote:..senders email addresses are made up of lots of alpa-numerics before the @ sign making it impossible to filter.

The "lots of alphanumberics" are allowed for on the email specifications.  It's encoding to allow the use of an extended character range. The email addresses are often coded to try and fool recipients into blocking the name or email address that's displayed in the email view as From:


You'll not be able to block the displayed name or email address but you can still block the encoded From: if you find you get regular spam from the same name / email address.


Copy and paste an example of what you see in the email header From:.

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I've mentioned in other posts that since the TT mail update the format of your spam list has changed, it used to be a simple text format with one line per email address but now it's in a CSV (comma seperated variable) format that is almost impossible for us to read (can be done with Word or similar).


When TT moved me to the new system my old spam filter contents seemed to be moved also but emails that used to be filtered are now getting through. So it seems the filter system is broken.


Also, I can't understand why TT cannot filter domains (the address after the @ sign) as many other email readers can.  Have you noticed  senders email addresses are made up of lots of alpa-numerics before the @ sign making it impossible to filter.


Just my thoughts


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Yes, lots on a daily basis and most of it very sexually explicit. Not happy!


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Hi @Broxman 


Marking spam is reported and is one of the sources used to fingerprint spam. You'll not always see an immediate block as blocking the email addresses that spammers frequently change is not at all effective. 


To delete email addresses listed in your MyAccount and to create new email addresses have a look at Managing your email in My Account 

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I am still being relentlessly bombarded with spam. Marking them as apam has not helped one bit. I just want to delete my tiscali email addresses. How do I create new ones?


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I know that cloudmark gives parts of the mail values and if a mail reaches a certain score it suggests it's spam and bins it. I'm sure that entire domains can be blocked not sure whether that's manual or automatic or both. I'll see if I can find out more for you. 

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Do you know what the check on the email is that you mark as spam, do they just mark the whole Domain in the from field?

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Even if you think you're wasting your time clicking the spam button please click it. I've asked and am informed by a reliable source that the spam button on the new platform is valid and working. If you click it the spam will be blocked just not immediately. 

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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I've had 20 spam emails in two days and I think the only reason there wasn't many spammed over the weekend is TalkTalk mail was down for quite awhile.

Most of the spam emails say no content, why on earth isn't there away of blocking anything that has no content?
UK Old Git

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Likewise I didn't want to tempt fate but I have only received 2 spam mails since last Friday


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Don't know if I dare say it but some of the spam has abated.  Are the filters finally learning or are the spammers just having a tea break? I may yet need to create a new email. What really annoys me most is that I never got spam until I was put on to the new email system. So how come the world suddenly knows my email address?


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Hi ginger pop, Gondola has given you great advice. I've had to do the same thing when companies I was registered with were hacked. A new mail address and the problems go away unless one of your contacts is hacked but then it's simple enough to start again with another address. 


Or I have another tactic. I have an anonymous email address that I use when I'm not sure of the company I'm dealing with and if that gets spammed I don't care as I only use it for those less certain dealings. 

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Hi @ginger pop 


Once your email address becomes known to spammers it's a relentless fight.


You can mark emails as Spam but spammers frequently change their email addresses and style of emails.  So you're forever marking emails as Spam but it doesn't block all unwanted emails and never did.


You'd be better creating a new email address and notifying your wanted senders of the new address and then deleting the old address.  That's the best block of spam. 


TalkTalk allow you to create 5 email addresses or there are plenty of free or paid for email services if you need more. I use a service where I create a disposable email address for each recipient. If that recipient gets hacked, as Adobe did, then I delete that email address and use another.


Only use the new email address for your wanted senders and never use it elsewhere. Make sure your wanted senders are in your Address Book and any new contacts you send email to will also be added to the Address Book.

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Chris This pensioner does not understand all this info, I need something much simpler as I am still being bombarded with SPAM. Hope there is an easier way to block these Thank you

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There's information about reporting a phishing or spam email here




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I also have an increase in spam messages since the new email website - so annoying how do you add an extra filter to stop them?


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Thanks, sounds like a good tip. I have quite a collection in my spam box now and its growing daily.


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I'm not sure about how to set up a "redirect"  but this is an alternative way to deal with them.


1. Mark them as spam (that way talktalk's "cloud spam system" will be aware of them) but in addition.....


2. Once they are in the spam folder select the email(s) you want to deal with (this method can deal with up to 8No. at a time) and once selected click on the "hamburger" icon on the top row and from the drop-down menu choose "Forward". A new window will now open showing the title of one of the spam mails in the subject box ( all the emails you have selected will appear as EML attachments below the address bars) put in the  "To" address bar and hit Send. Job done!

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At least you sound tech savvy. I wouldn't know where to start applying filters. I rely on my internet provided doing these sort of things for me!