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Increase in spam email in recent days

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There has been noticeable increase in spam emails over the past few days.


Numerous spam emails are appearing in my inbox all of a sudden. Have others noticed it as well?


Not sure if changeover to new email system has created this problem.



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Yes sadly so. I mark them as spam but it doesn't make any difference and they seem to be mainly dating sites for Russian or Asian brides or Bitcoin.


I never received any spam under the old system, just the occasional phishing email, but this is becoming really annoying. 


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Yeah they kept coming over the weekend - Bitcoins; Morrisons shopper surveys; "Congratulations , your email has been chosen" says Hopa; and Russian dating agency


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Same here, webmail updated beginning of March and the spam started on March 8th.

I had 146 filters set up on the old webmail and it seemed to be under control, I've added another 7 filters so far but still continue to get spam with different from addresses. It would seem TT are using a very ineffective spam checker.


As I was typing this I got another spam mail.

I'm now adding the redirect option to the filters and redirecting them to does any one know if this works?

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How has it been over the weekend, are you still receiving these spam emails?



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Hmmm sounds like you are receiving the same spam as me. If Talktalk don't get their act together on this soon I'm jumping ship to gmail!

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Well apart from bringing back the old version I agree. If this is more secure why am I being inundated with spam for russian brides, gambling sites etc. etc? 


And it's all very well suggesting that we report them to the spam@talktalk address but that entails opening the offending e.mail, thereby acknowledging to the spammers that my e.mail address is correct & working which usually results in receiving more of this cr*p. 


We shouldn't need to report it - your useless spam filter should be working properly !


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In short, yes. I have just been upgraded (feels more like a downgrade) to the new email service and am receiving a lot more spam. I hardly ever got spam under the old system.  Currently I am really unimpressed with the new look. It is far from intuitive not easy to navigate, has pop-up adverts obscuring my actual messages I am trying to read and is clearly failing on its boast of being more secure.  Call me old fashioned, but  bring back the old version.


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Hi td123,


As Gondola has said you can report spam/phishing emails here




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I have noticed a lot more spam emails over the last week or so and the lack of an effective spam filter doesn't help the situation.


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Hi @yentalk 


No spam here.


But just a heads up that there have been some reports of scam email appearing to be sent from contacts and giving the appearance of a previously sent email.  On closer inspection the real email sender will be a scammer that has included an image and link to a supposed pdf file. The link will take you to a website fooling you to give up personal data. So beware.


If you do get any of these please forward to TalkTalk. Report a phishing or spam email 

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