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Is this a scam e-mail ?

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tt3.PNGtt4.PNGHi , i recived this e-mail yesterday  , which had yellow lock notification (which made me think genuine) the header looked real  and had my name on . All of this pointing towards a genuine e-mail (among the 1000"s of spam we recive ) 

Either way if fake, its very convincing, if its from talktalk i would just love to know why they think one of my devices has a "virus" and some evidence of this (not that i want to spend an extra £2 a month ) as i already have adequate protection in place .




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yes i did get a e-mail confirming this is genuine ,,

I am very concerned talktalk thinks one of my devices is infected , I work in i.t and have malware bytes professional as protection as well as stand alone combofix and other programs , this is to protect myself and my data as I have a huge amount of passwords that would need changing  ,, I only have 2 devices connected my PC  and mobile ,,,

could someone at talktalk be more specific in explaining why you think I have been infected and or any other information just so I can rule out a false/positive ,   personally i hope this is not just a sales ploy to get people to pay up for a service ,, i have ran numerous scans , checking for the usual including boot kits and everything has come up clear ?


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Thankyou Gondola , you have confirmed my thoughts , I will investigate this further

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Hi @sepholdem


Yes it is genuine. As you say, the yellow padlock symbol in webmail does confirm a genuine authorised TalkTalk email.


The official TalkTalk response is:  “One of our top priorities is keeping you and your family safe online. Our HomeSafe and SuperSafe products helps keep you and your devices protected. Whilst we don’t monitor our customers Internet traffic, our next generation DNS platform is able to identify traffic patterns from malware and potential threats on the network enabling us to notify our customers.”


I expect we'll see more of these reports as TalkTalk have obviously ramped up security in the light of the recent joint UK and US statement on malicious cyber attacks.


You're in the handful of customers (to my knowledge) to report this particular email from


The previous examples have checked out as genuine and are triggered by the network security system detecting suspicious patterns related to your connection. Do you think any users of the internet at your home might have inadvertently triggered the security by visiting some potentially unsafe sites?  And your router wi-fi password is strong and secure to prevent any unauthorised use?


You can as the email says also check it out with the TalkTalk phishing email address

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