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Issue with new computer and installing email

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Got a new computer so I would have Windows 10 and tried installing my talktalk accounts into Outlook. Problems. Then the  computer crashed and hard disk had to be replaced.  Second attempt I have tried to install through Windows Mail for simplicity. I have three accounts. Two appear to have installed all incoming messages in the last three months. The third (and main) account nothing. I have therefore tried looking on Webmail and I have the same results on all three accounts. The third account exists, I can send messages to it receive them but the moment I come out of mail and go back in there is are no messages there again. All three accounts have the same settings so I cannot understand what is going wrong. 

Fortunately I still have my Windows 7 machine in action which is receiving all the messages. Can anyone help as before the hard disk crash I spent two full afternoons onto the helpdesk and didn't get this resolved? 


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Hi @AK-Home 


Nice work.


Thanks for taking time out to let us know. We always appreciate your feedback.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Gondola - Thank you so much for your reply and I'm very grateful for your input.

The issue was as you suggested regarding the settings on the mailbox. I have changed this and everything is now operating as it should. 

Having spent several hours on the helpline phone without success when I originally got the machine I have huge relief that the issue is sorted without having to go down that process again. 

Kind Regards

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Hi @AK-Home 


There's one mailbox and password for each email address.


The mailbox can be viewed and mail messages sent and received via an Internet browser (known as webmail).  The browser connects to the mailbox as an IMAP connection. With IMAP, a browser or email client (Like Outlook or Windows Mail) or an email app connects to the mailbox and what's in the mailbox folders are seen identically on the browser or any email software set up as an IMAP email account.


There is an older connection type called POP3. A POP3 email account downloads the Inbox to the email client or email app. The default setting is to delete the downloaded mail messages from the online mailbox. In this case the mail messages exist only on the one device that's downloaded the mail messages. The webmail browser or other email clients see no new messages in the Inbox if viewed after the download and delete has happened.


The POP3 email account does have a user setting to leave mail messages on the server in the mailbox Inbox. There is an associated delete setting to never delete or delete after a set time. 


Your Windows 7 PC, you confirm, sees all messages for all 3 mailboxes. Assuming there is no other unauthorised device connecting to the mailbox we can assume that at least one of the email accounts is set as a POP3 email account and has the default setting of download and delete from the Inbox.  This is an example of why a mail message is seen on one device but not on others. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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