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Keeping tiscali email address

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My elderly mum uses her tiscali email address even though she uses another internet provider for broadband. I have found some emails from a few months ago which indicates that she will need to pay £5 a month to keep it going. She is happy to do this if she can carry on using Microsoft Outlook (using SMTP and IMAP).


She is happy to pay this, but how would i set this up ? The link in the old email does not work.


I've logged into Tiscali webmail and it is still working but there does not seem to be a way to subscribe to this £5 service.


Thanks for any help on this.


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Hi @julcherw 


Here's the link to subscribe to TalkTalk Mail Plus.


The first thing is a check of the tiscali email address and its password to ensure the MailPlus subscription is available. Next is to select the monthly or annual option.  Payment is by Direct Debit only so please let her know that she'll need her bank details to hand to set up the DD.


Upon a successful application there will be a confirmation email from TalkTalk giving the MailPlus MyAccount number and login and the Direct Debit details and reference number.


The mailbox applied for should already be added to the MyAccount but worth a check that it is there and to add any additional TalkTalk managed mailbox addresses. 5 mailboxes in total are available in the one subscription.

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Thanks for the information. I used that link and set up the monthly direct for £5 and have now received an email confirming the direct debit. However I've not had a confirmation email from TalkTalk giving the MailPlus MyAccount number. I'm anxious that the tiscali email address is not deleted, so keen to check that the account is all in order.


Webmail is still working at the moment.


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Hi @julcherw 


It may take up to 24 hours to set up the MyAccount but try a sign in to the MyAccount using the email address just registered and the email password.


Then select My Services from the toolbar and Manage TalkTalk Mail.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Thanks, I tried that 'MyAccount' link using the tiscali email address and the password for that email account. However it comes up with an error 'The email address or password entered is incorrect. Please re-enter your email and / or password and try again.'




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...try again tomorrow or when you get an email from TalkTalk to confirm the MyAccount is set up.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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will do, thanks !


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Could you add her email address to your community account's private notes in your profile please and i'll check if it's all setup correctly i wont be able to discuss the account with you but i can give some comfort its all sorted and if not get that fixed for you. 


Rest assured though the mailbox will not be deleted, no need to worry about that. 



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Thanks, Stephen. I've added the tiscali email address to the private notes in my profile as requested.


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There's been some progress - we had an email from talktalk titled "Welcome to TalkTalk Mail Plus" overnight !


However there is a link in the email to login into 'My Account'. However when I log in it's just the old account page from when we had broadband from tiscali, and no mention of TalkTalk Mail Plus. Presumably I should be able to login into to an account page for the new Mail Plus account ?


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Hi @julcherw 


Did that email link automatically log you in or did you enter email address and password to log in?


If automatic log in does the package detail show MailPlus?  And in My Services > Manage TalkTalk Mail show the registered email address and no yellow banner message.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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It didn't automatically log me in. I clicked on the link and it took me to a page to enter the email address and password. My credentials (using the tiscali email address and password) didn't work so I used the link to 'email me a link to login', which did get me into the site.


Once in the site there is no mention of MailPlus under 'My Package' or anywhere else that I can see. All the details seem to relate back to when we had broadband with tiscali.


I also went to "My Services > Manage TalkTalk Mail" but there is a message saying "Warning:

You do not have an active TalkTalk Broadband or TalkTalk Mail Plus subscription, so you are no longer able to create or add new email accounts"


Thanks for your continuing help with this.


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Hi @julcherw 


So, that is definitely the former MyAccount but you should have a new MyAccount number for the MailPlus MyAccount.  Just to be sure that the two haven't been merged can you confirm that when logged in to MyAccount you do not see by the Account number a drop-down selector to select the new Mail Plus MyAccount?


But if the login with the tiscali email address you registered for MyAccount definitely didn't work then we're going to have to get TalkTalk to see what's going on.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Thanks, I just checked and there's no way of selecting the new account number. I have both the new account number (from the direct debit email) and the old one. However when I login all the references are to the old account only.  


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Hi julcherw 


I've escalated for TalkTalk attention to see what's happened. Useful if you could add the new MailPlus account number to your Community profile Private notes and save changes. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Thanks, I've added those details to my profile.

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Is there any update on this please ?


I've not heard anything from Talk Talk


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Is there any progress on this please ?

There has been no response from talktalk at all.

There is a danger that our mailbox will get deleted, and so far we have subscribed and paid for a service that we've not received.


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Is there any update please ?


I'm paying talktalk for a service that I've not yet received, and also there is a danger that my talktalk mailbox will be deleted because of this issue.


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Sorry for the delayed reply, i can confirm that everything is setup correctly and the mailbox wont be deleted so you can rest assured it's safe. 


Community Manager