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I have used my account for many years since its inception in the 80/90s by News International, accessing it by webmail from wherever i was, at home or at work. Towards the end of last year a lot of my emails and contacts and really important documents disappeared, and then in January in order to keep the account i had to pay an annual fee, thinking all my emails would be restored.  But they have not, and worse still every few months even more are disappearing, some important legal documents, sentimental photos attached, contacts.  Is there any reason for this, and how can they be restored?

Any feedback would be very much appreciated, bearing in mind I am a technophobe. 


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Hi @kitkatkaz 


TalkTalk don't offer a backup service for email, email attachments or address book contacts.


The recommendation is for users to make their own backups and a backup of the backup for complete security.


The fact that email and contacts have routinely disappeared every few months indicates to me that it's most likely that someone unauthorised is accessing the mailbox. So, to prevent this you must change the mailbox password.  Changing your email password 


We have seen before when a previously used computer has been brought back online every few months to check it was working then that computer being set up to access the mailbox Inbox as a POP3 mail account was downloading and deleting Inbox mail messages. In that case the mail messages were intact and found on the old computer.


Changing the mailbox password will lock out any hacker and also any rogue devices accessing your mailbox. Use an ultrastrong password of 12 - 15 multicase letters and numbers formed using multiple words and including a symbol.

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