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Lineone can't send emails


All good stuff, though above my head. Is the reason that my wife, who is abroad, can receive emails but not send emails, using one of the 5 addresses entered in my TalkTalk mailbox, because of this permanent stop when Talktalk detects activity from more than one location which has been mentioned in this thread?

Is it possible to persuade the system to both receive & send emails in this situation?

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Hi, I'm not really sure about the activity from different locations, that wasn't a factor that affected my email since I'm the only user. I guess one of the experts on here may be able to provide an explanation to your query.

Thanks - yes perhaps better to put my question on as new post.

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Hi @Pefko 


Your post is now on an individual topic so you have individual support.


It would be helpful to know what error message your wife sees when trying to send a mail message. Whether she's sending to multiple recipients, how many recipients she's hoping to send to each day and whether she's signing in to TalkTalk Mail (webmail) which is recommended, or using an email client or email app.


The TalkTalk Mail system will detect mutliple sign ins from different locations.  So, the fix is for your wife to use one of the email addresses listed in your MyAccount and not to have that mailbox signed in via any devices in the UK. That means not having that email address alongside your other email addresses in email software including being added as an email address in another primary TalkTalk Mail account. i.e. you need to make sure whilst she's away that mail messages aren't also collected in the UK.  If the mailbox is signed in from multiple locations she may be locked out of sending with a TT608 error.


There is another issue and that is rate limiting of mail messages sent from some high risk locations where spam is rife. If she sees a TT605 error that's probably going to indicate the sending of mail is limited to less than the normal rate as spam protection.

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Hi Pefko, how is your wife sending and receiving is she using a mail client or webmail? 



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