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Lineone email address missing as of 3rd Oct 2018

First Timer
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I've had and used a '' email address for 24 years. It ceased to work on 3rd Oct 2018. When I log into my account on TalkTalk I get told the username or password is incorrect. After 24 years of using this one address as my main email address I'm knackered without it and personally have made no changes to affect it working. Please sort this out, and if it is a password issue due to hacking or something TalkTalk have done to corrupt my access, please advise what hoops I have to jump through to get it rectified. Thanks, Ken Clark   

Ken Clark

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No worries , Ken.


Nice to know you're back in action.


You make a great point about TalkTalk notifying customers that their password is too weak. I think that ought to be done before the hackers and password crackers get to work. There is a lot about security in the TalkTalk Blog.


I use the How Secure is My Password website to check my password is as stong as I think.  I don't enter the actual password but something close in characteristics - changing the numbers and symbols for example.  But if the website says it'll take hundreds of years, or even thousands of years or more for a computer to crack the password then the password is pretty strong. You'll normally find you're into the 10-12 multicase letters, numbers and allowed symbols area before you're in ultra-strong territory.


On the flip-side of security email notifications from TalkTalk, notifying an already compromised email account that hackers could be already there rather gives the hackers an advantage to delete that warning email so you never see it.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Hi Gondola,

Sorted! Thanks for clues.

It would not be difficult for TalkTalk to fire off an email to those customers notifying them that an email address under their ownership is going to be suspended or invalidated because of weak passwords or compromisation.

Instead, these customers are not just inconvenienced but left in limbo. Bad customer care.

Again, thanks for pointing me in the right direction to get this issue resolved. Ken Clark       


Ken Clark

Community Star
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Hi Ken


The email system may have detected a weak password or a compromised email account and changed the password or locked the account to help secure customer data.


Have you previously set up password recovery for the lineone email address with an alternate email and mobile number? You could use the Reset your Password option.  Try that anyway to see if you recognise the hints.


Or if you're a TalkTalk broadband customer or recent customer you can change your email password in MyAccount > My Services > Webmail - Manage Webmail, if the email is listed in one of the 5 email address slots.  Here's the advice on Managing Email in your MyAccount.


If not, you'll need to prove you're the legal owner of the lineone email. Double check that you've added to your Community Profile, Personal Information (Click here) all of the following in the Private Notes area at the bottom of the page:

  • Email address affected
  • Your Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Landline 'phone number linked to the lineone email address when first registered
  • Full postal address linked to the lineone email address when first registered
  • Include your mobile contact number and times to call - daytimes when you'll be there in person to receive the password and speak to the email team
    (for security they won't leave a message with the password and there's no number to call them)
  • Save changes.

The TalkTalk Community support team will verify the details recorded for the owner of the email address. The email expert will reply here to help with account or password recovery.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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