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Lineone mail, stopped working on Iphone/Mac mail clients, webmail OK

Reg Smith
First Timer
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This seems to occur every so often,  where the mail account to my wife's email address stops sending/receiving email on her Iphone and Mac mail clients. The error is unable to verify account name or password. Logging into wemail works without issue so I'm certain the password is valid. I've tried re-entering the password multiple times.


Nothing was changed to the account settings, they are set as per


Account Type IMAP (recommended) POP3 
Log in /Usernameemail addressemail address 
Incoming mail
Incoming Port993995
Incoming TLSYesYes
Outgoing mail
Outgoing Port587587
Outgoing STARTTLSYesYes
Outgoing AuthenticationYesYes


Any ideas?


Many thanks


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Hi Reg


I apologise for not seeing that your first post had not had a response. @StephenF NB Who needs help?...


Great that you found that simply adding your wife's email address to a MyAccount re-enabled access to her mail messages on email apps etc.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Reg Smith
First Timer
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RESOLVED: It turn out I needed to add the lineone address as one of the emails in my account ( I hadn't done that but it worked for years, then silently it didn't (is it possible to have a slightly more useful reply from the server rather than could not verify account).  Now working again on all mail clients (Iphone, MacBook, Windows Outlook).