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First Timer
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Hi there my email account ceased working just after your recent server upgrade, why does this happen every time you upgrade the server, I have no access via my phone, my laptop or your own webmail platform. As per usual I get in touch with TalkTalk to get access and go through the same rigmarole of have you tried this, have you tried that, yes I have reset the password, no it is not my laptop, no it is not my phone and no I have not forgotten my password. I appreciate that you have to go through a checklist but when the same thing happens every time the server is upgraded it doesn't take a genius to work out where the issue is and as is standard was told to wait for 72 hours for a callback.


After my third call/chat your teccie finally admitted it was the server that had the issue and I was told that I would have to wait again, surprise surprise another 72 hours for someone to call me. I called again this morning for an update or a work around to go through the same process yet again to be told that they would get in touch within, guess what, 72 hours.  Just for the update it is now 85 hours since I first logged the fault. I managed to persuade the teccy to get me a call back within an hour as I am now seriously annoyed with the lack of assistance and I have also stated that I will be requesting a fee of £10 per hour over the initial "72 hours" promised call back. The bill currently stands at £150 and is growing as I am losing business because of you inability in being able to pick up the phone and update me or give me a work around.  Please get this sorted or the next step will be the ombudsman and a very large bill. By the way it is now past the hour of the "promised call back"


Support Team
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Hi jimpickthall,


I'm sorry to hear you've experiencing problems with your email service. Are you currently a TalkTalk customer? If you are, are you able to manage the email address through My Account?