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Mail upgrade for dial.pipex account?

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I have today received notification emails about the TalkTalk mail upgrade to two dsl.pipex accounts (one an alias of the other).


Will I be receiving the same for my dial.pipex account, which I have had for ever, still use, and is now classed as a (free) legacy account, under the auspices of TalkTalk Business for some reason?



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Hi Ady,


Thank you for the explanation. Because I couldn't access the dial.pipex account I spent some time speaking to a TalkTalk Business support agent, who couldn't help me with password recovery, as that is a specialist skill apparently. He gave me an address to email to request help. However, before doing that I tried a different route via last October's billing advice and requested a password reset and that worked! So I can now access my TalkTalk Business dashboard.


As you have explained, inserting this new password in the space to add another email account did not work, and I now understand that it won't until the migration is happening. I certainly want to hang on to it then!


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Hi Mal469, Gondola's advice is spot on. Please let us know how you get on once the migration is completed. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi Mal469 


The following pipex domains are managed by TalkTalk Consumer:


Until the mailboxes are migrated to the TalkTalk Mail platform there is no way for the current configuration of MyAccount to link to the legacy platform to verify the credentials, change password or delete the mailbox.


The ability to manage the mailboxes will happen automatically as each account is individually migrated to the TalkTalk Mail platform. The migration is not customer by customer but mailbox by mailbox which is why each mailbox will receive individual notification of the impending upgrade.

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Thank you for that. I guess I'll have to wait to hear about my dial.pipex account.


I have visited My Account to see which email addresses are registered, and it includes all the dsl.pipex accounts. Annoyingly, when I try to add the dial.pipex account it won't accept the password, even though I have just used it to log in to my webmail! Evidently something a little flaky there.


I used to pay an annual amount to keep the Dial account going (obviously it was originally associated with my dial-up connection), but the charge has been waived for the past few years.


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Hi @Mal469 


Each legacy email account managed by TalkTalk Consumer will receive an individual notification about the upgrade to the TalkTalk Mail platform.


My understanding is that a primary mailbox is created that will receive mail for the primary pipex email address and also for the aliases that will be recognised and have their mail delivered to the primary mailbox. and both come under the management of TalkTalk Consumer and both domains will be migrated to the TalkTalk Mail platform.


5 Mailboxes are provided free as part of a broadband package from TalkTalk Consumer. TalkTalk Mail users that are not currently TalkTalk Consumer customers are invited to subscribe to TalkTalk Mail Plus which is the way to keep a mailbox active even though not a current customer. About TalkTalk Mail Plus 

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