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Missing email - being spam filtered before my Inbox?

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@Ady-TalkTalk .. interested to know if the below issue was ever resolved. I have just realised that I am also missing emails from my inbox, where I do not have any personal filtering set up on either the webmail service or on my email client. This is for an email account


Whilst undoubtedly, there may be junk mail I am missing, I am also mssing important correspondence from a travel company. Surely it should be up to me what email i receive not having it filtered out by Talk Talk before I ever see it. 


Apologies to post this to the forum but I cannot work out how to raise a support ticket and I need to get hold of the missing emails


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It's most likely that we'll never get them back. So yes I'd request the senders to resend. Sorry I can't offer you better news. 

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@Ady-TalkTalk  thank you for raising the ticket, does this mean that i will get the missing emails sent to me or are they lost forever and i therefore need to ask the sender to re-send?


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I understand that the system will do an degree of automatic spam filtering but surely it is better to put them into the spam folder and then let the customer check them before deleting rather than just deleting them itself.


Is that not what the spam folder is for?




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Network mail filtering blocks millions of mails everyday to protect our customers from the tonnes of spam that is floating around the world. None of those mails shows in your spam folder they are discarded before delivery to our customers. Unfortunately, sometimes mail is blocked in error.


3641nick, I've raised the fault ticket for you. This will take 5-7 working days to be picked up. Please let us know how you get on. 

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It is very clear to me that this problem has everything to do with the content of the emails as I receive some from (for example) Hobbycraft, but not others but they ALL arrive to my gmail account. 


What is almost funny though is that if I log in to web mail there is just a single, solitary, email sitting in the spam folder and that is an invitation to complete a survey for TalkTalk. And I promise I am not making that up.




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hi, email address added to private notes as requested.  (the travel company), is most definitely being filtered out, even when i forward emails received from them on my gmail account (which I have had ot resort to using) to my tinyworld address for central storage. I am convinced there are others.


I am dismayed that I cannot even forward myself emails - your intrusive filtering is obviously working based on misguided content filters as well as sender?


As I stated in my original post, these are emails addressed to me, it should therefore be up to me and me alone what i choose to delete. Talk Talk should not be taking it upon themselves to act as arbiter on their customers emails. 


Support Team
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Hi 3641nick, please add the affected email sender domain and addresses to your private notes and I'll ask the email team to check this for us. It may be though that the sender will have to work to improve their sender reputation. 

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Hi there.


You originally posted in reply to one of my posts, before it was moved to its own topic.


And no, this has never been resolved. I spent ages working out what I had received and what I hadn't and sent headers as requested to TalkTalk and never heard another peep even when I chased.


So as I have my own solution because I use a mail forwarder, and that is to forward my mail to gmail as well as TalkTalk, I just gave up as although I was prepared to offer my time and effort to help resolve an issue what I would have thought would have worried the pants off TalkTalk's programmers, no one else seemed to be that bothered.


But good luck yourself. 🙂


Edit - I notice today that I have an email from Hobbycraft that arrived via the gmail path but TalkTalk for its own reasons had decided to dump and not deliver to by inbox.


So the email would have been sent to my mail forwarder, via an email address that I pay for and has nothing to do with gmail or TalkTalk, and then they send it on to the email addresses I specify - which is my TalkTalk address and a gmail address. The email arrives at the gmail address but does not arrive at the TalkTalk address.


What is also interesting that I get some emails from Hobbycraft (for example) but not others which would indicate they are not on some "spammers" black list as Gondola suggests.




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Hi @3641nick 


I've moved your post to this new topic so that individual help can be offered.


I see that you've checked the TalkTalk Mail mailbox Filter rules and also the unspecified email client that you're using to make sure there's no mailbox filtering, forwarding or blocking being applied.


Travel companies do sometimes get their senders blocked for 'spamming' when a lot of people take the easy option and mark no longer wanted marketing messages as spam instead of unsubscribing. So their senders get put on temporary spam blocklists. If their emails are undelivered then in a properly managed system they'll get a report to the Return-Path mail address that they should have added to their messages. They will then know you're not receiving the email so ought to write to you or 'phone if their messages are important.


The TalkTalk team will pick this topic up on Monday in the meantime, please check/update your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) to include your name, current contact 'phone numbers and address with postcode (location) then scroll down and add the email address to Private notes and also add there a note with the email sender's address and Save changes.

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