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Missing old emails

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My mum's pc died and the new one has been set up. However, I can only access Webmail for her so all the old emails don't appear, with about 20 or so folders missing. Can we access the server a different way? I shall be setting up a backup to cloud in future but don't know if this will help with emails.


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Hi dobbo1941, the information provided by Gondola is spot on. If that old pc setup wasn't to leave a copy on the server then the mail is gone with the old pc. Are you not able to recover the data from the old hard drive?




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Hi dobbo1941 


If your mum's PC got an early retirement and kept with it the downloaded mail messages and local folders then that tells me that mail was being collected by email software set up as a POP3 email account.  By default a POP3 setup downloads and deletes mail from the online Inbox. 


The top tip is to always make a backup of wanted mail messages to an external hard drive, flash drive, cloud storage or even another mailbox just to safeguard wanted mail. A local computer shop may be able to recover data from a hard drive to get to saved mail in local folders or data file.


Accessing mail by webmail via a browser is exactly the same as accessing via email software set up as an IMAP email account. Both forms of access simply mirror what's in the online mailbox including all the online folders. The user should still take backups of wanted mail messages so your idea of using cloud storage is spot on.


Email settings for the TalkTalk managed email domains are given in the TalkTalk Mail Support Hub which is your go to resource for managing TalkTalk Mail.


Let us know if you'd like more detailed guidance and we're here to support you.

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