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MyAccount : Mail Manager : Password issue

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There's unannounced changes to the GUI for MyAccount  Manage TalkTalk Mail / manage email. The toolbar link for Manage TalkTalk Mail previously linked to a page headed My Mailboxes and now links to a page headed TALKTALK MAILBOX which is a confusing misnomer. 


MyAccount - Manage TalkTalk MailMyAccount - Manage TalkTalk Mail


The MyAccount Login password change also links back to this page. Confusingly it indicates that the email address lives in your TalkTalk Mailbox.  The email address is a mailbox address so this is bound to confuse.


MyAccount - Login Details - Change PasswordMyAccount - Login Details - Change Password


To change the password for an email address, just select the address in the mailboxes list. A MAILBOX modal will appear giving the options to Delete mailbox or Change password.


MyAccount - Mailbox modalMyAccount - Mailbox modal


Select Change password and the CHANGE PASSWORD page appears.  The Current mailbox password is filled in automatically by my browser but this password is the MyAccount Login password not necessarily the selected mailbox password. I'm guessing that the user is required to fill in the Current mailbox password box to authenticate a password change. I suggest that the box should be set not to auto-fill and the instruction changed to 'Enter the current mailbox password.'  Unless we are reverting to authenticating a password change with the MyAccount Login password in which case the instructions need correcting.


MyAccount - Mailbox Change PasswordMyAccount - Mailbox Change Password


Currently, Sunday afternoon, and MyAccount is unexpectedly out of action presumably to carry out further updates / corrections to code from this early morning planned maintenance.  Currently unable to check.  Nothing announced on Service Status.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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One month on and no response from TalkTalk.


No way am I going to be talking about a TALKTALK MAILBOX and meaning the former Manage your TalkTalk Mail (or what should be known as the TALKTALK MAILBOX MANAGER) in the customer MyAccount.


So, if I say TalkTalk Mailbox I am talking about an online TalkTalk Mail email account showing mail folders and mail messages.


If I say TalkTalk Mailbox Manager I am talking about managing the list of mailboxes in your customer MyAccount. This is where you create, add, change password for and delete mailboxes.


Changes to design and titles in MyAccount isn't a high priority. What should be very high priority IMHO is fixing the MyAccount login fail for MailPlus customers and the Functions not available error for some others.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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