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New Email page is a disaster zone

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The new page was never designed with anyone with more than an ounce of sense and certainly never by anyone who's ever had more than a few emails in their inbox at a time.

We trade on ebay and we therefore often have 20-30 email messages coming in every day, so why can't I see them all?  Why is my view limited to just five emails when all the rest of the page is as good as empty?

Secondly, why is it that, if I'm not careful, every email gets sent to the trash box in an instant?

On other email sites it will ask you if your action is correct - but not here.  With one unintentional click everything disappears.

And why is it that important emails, such as bills and payments in and out of my account are filtered straight out?

I've just received my latest TalkTalk bill but I haven't read it yet because it's gone - down into the depths of the trash box somehow. 


But what has really upset me is that when I went to look up some earlier emails that I'd saved in assorted folders they were all gone too - every single damn folder was empty - business and social folders all empty. I didn't do that - TalkTalk's hyper-deficient clean-up robot did.  Important emails all gone - and since some of them dated back many months they'll be way, way down in my trash pile.  (I've tried to relocate some of them but since I don't know their exact email headings nor know exactly when they were sent I can't find them.)  Just like updates to Windows - they wipe old data away just to suit themselves.


Please be advised, Messrs TalkTalk, that I'm now going to make a concerted effort to remove all email activity from your clutches and hand it to someone reliable like Google.  They may well browse my emails and sniff at the contents for me but at least I can clearly read them there and they don't throw away things that I want. 

To think that it took you over six months to come up with this load of junk - what a waste of someone's salary it's been.

I’m not ageing, I just need repotting

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Hi @souwesterly 


Depends on what device / screen size you're using to view TalkTalk Mail. If the View layout option is Horizontal it may not suit you. View is top right on the toolbar.


Try the View layout option of List to replicate what you'll get in gMail or Yahoo Mail for example. The list is fully scrollable so you can move up and down through any folder to see all emails.


Here's the video The View layout options are shown from 1:09 in the video.


Personally, I find Compact is ideal with my notebook for viewing a scrollable list of emails and seeing the selected email.


Deletion always moves items to Trash without confirmation needed. You can also Select emails and Drag and Drop to a Folder when Folder View is enabled. Or use the Select emails and Move option to confirm a move to a desired folder.


The Sort option is also a power tool to sort emails and with the new Flagging and Labelling options as good as any other email platform I've used.


There's a guided tour that is a brief introduction to TalkTalk Mail. To see the tour again:

  • Sign in to TalkTalk Mail
  • Select the Menu option      top right
    (triple line hamburger icon or cog icon for mobile)
  • Select Getting started from the list


Getting started


The brief tour will highlight some of the features of TalkTalk Mail.  There's more information available from the Help entry in the Menu drop-down list including

  • An Overview of the apps
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • and Troubleshooting help

But if you need more focused help then ask right here on Community.

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