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Nildram Email Not Being Received

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Hi ,  Just to add as a long time Nildram user. I have found the following :

pop3.nildram and imap.nildram both seem to still working for incoming mail on a variety of applications ( Outlook 2007 , Mail for Windows, iOS mail , Mailwasher )

However I cannot sent mail using smtp.nildram - from around early March.

Switching outgoing mail to appears to work in Outlook but it doesn't  - I suspect not all mail recipients get my mail. Only Google mail users get my emails reliably.

So to be sure - I have to send using Webmail - which Is not ideal. 

Incidentally I find TTB helpdesk both helpful and prompt - obviously I am not happy by TalkTalk's arbitrary and bizarre decision to classify my Nildram account as business for technical support . Plus I would like to know what TalkTalk plans are should the Nildram account be  eventually terminated .


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Sending Nildram mail on iPhone

One benefit of the demise of smtp.nildram  is I can now send mail using the iOS mail app (iPhone X) . Ever since I had an iphone 4 I have been unable to send mail on 4G and even at home on TalkTalk wi-fi stopped working over 4 years ago. I must have tried many combinations of smtp.nildram , smtp.gotadsl , smtp-auth.gotadsl, ports numbers and password validations. 

But sending email on 4G on mail.overssl /495 / SSL etc now works !!

The only issue is iOS won't accept overssl as the incoming server - it presumably doesn't like the mismatch between my email and As imap.nildram is still functioning I am using that . 


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Great work as always Gondola and thanks to Berkoboy for trusting Gondola's advice. 




Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi @Berkoboy 


That's fantastically brilliant. I do hope other users follow your lead and retire these out of date products. 


Good to know that you are back in action.

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Thanks for the summary. I was hoping to carry on using Outlook 2007 but it seems its adding extra complications . So this morning I smashed the credit card and upgraded to OL 2019 . 

Much to my surprise it all went very smoothly as a 32bit upgrade on top of OL 2007. I was advised by MS not to try a 64bit install.

Nildram mails using Outlook 2019 on sent to BT Internet addresses and etc are now received.


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Hi @Berkoboy 


Too many individual questions on your specific use of the TTB legacy mail service so I've moved your post to its own topic.


The mail hosting is by apm-internet.  The and servers both resolve to apm-internet


Just another apm-internet server instead of


Outlook 2007 is a deprecated product that doesn't support TLS1.2 encryption security.  I recommend you retire this product as Microsoft do not support it with security updates and patches.


Many mail services do now reject mail that's not fully authenticated. Some will defer or delay mail and some will drop altogether.


The TTB Help desk can be both helpful and prompt.  But have also been difficult to deal with. In April there was an incident with these legacy mail services not working; the TTB Help desk refused to help users that did not have a TTB active account. 


You'd assume that the majority of users of f2s nildram and gotadsl were business users when the decision was taken for TTB to retain management of domains and mail hosting. I don't think TalkTalk Consumer would want the additional problems of managing TalkTalk Mail via Open Xchange and to have to deal with APM-Internet or the problems of migrating from APM-Internet to the TalkTalk Mail platform. There were enough problems over a long period dealing with Pipex migrations. Just my take on the situation.


I have asked TalkTalk Consumer Management about taking on these legacy domains. Advised there are no plans to do so.


If TTB do decide to cease then you'd assume they'd do what they did with TTB Business Mail and that was to notify users (December 2020) and ultimately cease altogether (April 2021) giving 3 months to arrange a migration. But you'd have to ask the TTB Email Product Manager for a definitive statement.

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