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No connection with Talk Talk Account / email for 10 days and Talk Talk couldn't care less

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If anyone from Talk Talk technical back office reads this, could they please call me to help regain access to my Talk Talk account and email which has been out of action for 10 days.


I have made dozens of calls to Customer Services (overseas call center) - ZERO HELP. They read a script, kept me hanging on for hours, cut me off several times. When after 4 days, I asked to be put through to a manager or supervisor that could escalate to technical, she cut me off and also cut off my landline and internet connection!!!


Have provided my work email/phone number to customer services but nobody calls and nothing has been done, so still can't get a link to reset my account.  After one week, I was told to wait up to another five additional days to get any help!  Really? Is that normal Talk Talk service? Sounds like they want their contract cancelled.


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Yes, i changed my password. I had no apology or explanation from TT as to why they would lock me out of my TT account and emails or put the phone down on me or disconnect my landline and internet.  And no way of re-registering without help from technical assistance.

Obviously, disconnecting a customer's service is a serious matter. It should be investigated so you are aware of what your customer service agents are doing.

After getting nowhere with them for one week, I took the initiative to find the UK number through an unrelated website in order to get help. Your overseas customer service people obviously lack training and just don't care.  Suggest you try phoning them yourself with the same problem and see how far you get.


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Hi @Amanda2011 


Looks like you called TalkTalk Head Office and put through to one of the UK Support team working there, maybe a colleague of the UK team that support this Community.


The support team will wish to follow up on the disconnection of your broadband service because that isn't part of the process for fixing your access to your customer MyAccount or Email.


On the subject of passwords. If you have retained a password for many years it may not meet current security requirements so hopefully you have upgraded it.

Enter your email address and your email password, select Sign in.


Menu options - Update your reset details 05Aug2020


Update your reset details is a menu item on the main settings menu (triple lines on the desktop browser or cog icon on mobile). This can be used to keep your password recovery up to date with your alternate email address and mobile number.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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I did not forget my TT password. It's been the same for years.  My tiscali email account stopped working 10 days ago and not due to anything I had done.  It was not able to sign in to my TT account or emails, so as I explained to TT customer care, I could not retrieve an email reset link.  They tried sending a reset link to an alternative email but this was not received and not in junk mail. After asking for technical help to resolve, they cut me off and cut off my landline and internet! 

Having got nowhere with TT customer services all week, I found a different TT help line number 0203 41710001 from the web 3 days ago (Friday) and tried it.  Spoke to a guy who said he could add a mobile number to my TT account set up options so a reset code could be sent to my mobile instead of an emailed link. He said the database would take 24 hours to register the mobile number. I checked daily and my mobile appeared as an option within the MyAccountLogin window this morning (3 days later). I have now successfully reset the password and regained access to my account and emails today.

Why the people working in the customer services dept did not know this solution last week, is down to their lack of training and understanding. I just hope I have no more problems before my contract expires. To have my internet and phone service disconnected abruptly by the TT customer services agent has made me appreciate that a responsive, UK based customer service dept. will be a much bigger consideration when looking for an alternative supplier.


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Hi @Amanda2011 


What domain is your email - for example, and is the email address used as the MyAccount login?


I assume you cannot access your email address because if you could you could send a link to the email address to gain access to your MyAccount.


If you've forgotten the password to your email address and it is a domain managed by TalkTalk then have you tried the Forgotten password button in the help page Changing your email password and if you follow that journey do you see password recovery options to send a reset link to an alternate email address or code to a mobile number or do you get an error message or just see the ability to send a link to the email account itself?

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Staff on the forum won't phone you - the landline number in your profile details is used just to identify your account, @Amanda2011.


Please look out for their reply on here in a day or two.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.