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No notification of changes to TalkTalk email services and account revocation

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Good evening


My wife has been a longstanding user of a TalkTalk email address. She used it this afternoon but when attempting to access it this evening she found her password unaccepted. Talking to Live Chat, she was amazed to discover the news about the charges for TalkTalk Mail Plus, since she has at no point over the last few months recieved any notification of these forthcoming changes. There has been no helpful countdown, no reminder or no warning that her account was to be locked this evening. Understandably she is very upset and frustrated about this.


Has TalkTalk been repeatedly vocal with their users that this was going to happen? Why doesn't the service tell you that's what's happened rather than forcing you to contact customer services and find it from them? Can anybody tell me how long TalkTalk will keep her account open while she considers whether to pay for the new service? She has years worth of emails to port over should she choose to go elsewhere.


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Hi Blahblahblah, unless your wife has received emails telling her about TalkTalk Mail Plus then she's not on the journey we definitely won't lock her out until she's had plenty warning. It sounds very much like we've detected that her account is compromised and have locked the password to protect her emails.  I'd appreciate it if you can tell me the date and time of the live chat as I need to report that to the email project so we can retrain the agent she spoke to. 

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Hi @Blahblahblah 


To the best of my knowledge no mail users have been locked out of their mailboxes as part of the introduction of subscribing to TalkTalk Mail Plus. The invitation emails asking users if they wish to subscribe started going out in early July.  About TalkTalk Mail Plus is the advice article.


Can you wife sign in to her mailbox at TalkTalk Mail?  Is there an error message?


If the email system has detected a weak password or a compromised email account, and changed the password or locked the account to help secure customer data, she may need help to recover access.


Password Reset details may have been set up for the email address so that an alternate email and or mobile number can receive the reset. Please do try the Reset your Password option. If there's an alternate shown that are recognised from the hints, and have access to, then please reset the password.


If the self-help password change / recovery options aren't effective then I'll alert the TalkTalk Community team for you.


In the meantime, please update your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) to include your name, current contact 'phone numbers and address with postcode (location) then scroll down and add the email address to Private notes and Save changes.  The TalkTalk team may require that your wife registers on Community if the email address is registered in her name (Data Protection rules).

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