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Not receiving emails from a legitimate source

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I am a Tiscali customer.


I have become aware that emails from a trusted source have not been delivered to my email account and have been blocked by your filter system. 


I am a regular recipient of emails from the domain, 


Please, therefore ‘white list’ this domain name, within your system, as it is totally legitimate and not spam.


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Hi @antest2001 


The TalkTalk team will pick up on this from Monday. Just a heads up that TalkTalk don't do whitelisting.


It's possible that any sender can have their mail fingerprinted as spam if multiple recipients have marked mail as spam so TalkTalk can certainly investigate to see if that's the case.


To link this topic to your TalkTalk service please check your Community Profile includes in Personal Information (Click here):


Your name, current TalkTalk landline 'phone and alternate number (mobile preferred). Add full address with postcode (location). Then scroll down to Private notes to add your Tiscali email address and then save changes.


I've had a quick look at the usual blacklist agencies and the sender's address doesn't appear on any of the usual blacklists. Are they using a mass marketing mail host to send out mailshots or sending from their own servers?


You say you're aware the mail is blocked. What bounceback error message is given by the tiscali server? Worth double ckecking that this isn't just in relation to a recent issue when the tiscali MX server was too busy to accept all messages and some incoming messages were temporarily bounced with a TT101 error code.


Worth also checking your Tiscali mailbox doesn't have any Auto Forward or Filter rules that could be redirecting or blocking.  Some Tiscali mailboxes will have inherited a Blocked Senders Filter from the previous mail service. I'd Trash that as it probably serves no useful purpose.

Filter Rules - Menu Settings Mail


Filter rules - Disable


Let us know the answer to the bounceback error and that your own mailbox Filter rules are disabled or deleted (Delete is the dustbin icon to the right of any existing rules).

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Hi antest2001, can you provide the full email address of the sender so that we can check it. I should add that if enough customers register the sender address as spam it will be blocked as spam. 



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