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Not receiving emails from talktalk

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I've had to create a new forum identity because I can't remember my forum password. How does this link to email issues? My email address seems to not be receiving any emails from talktalk.

I've been trying for over a week. I do the forum password reset but no emails are coming through to my talktalk email. I have established from previous emails which I have saved that I am 100% using the correct email address and username. I can log into webmail on all browsers, and also on windows, mac and android. I have also tried email resets from all of the above to check it's not a browser or extension issue. I can email myself at my talktalk email from a google email address and the emails arrive, the problem just seems to be in getting emails from talktalk. Also if I send an email from my address it can take anything from a few seconds to hours, to never being recieved.


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Thanks for the help and suggestions.


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Shall I dm you the details as I wouldn't feel safe sharing the details on here? Can you also assure me that none of the community stars have access to DM's before I share any details?


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Sorry to hear that, can you share the other username and we'll take a look

Stephen, Community Manager

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Hi @frustrated27 


The Community Manager @StephenF will be able to resolve the Community login password reset email issue by changing your former Community login email to a non-TalkTalk email address or changing the reset email to plain text only.


He is aware of the issue of TalkTalk Mail not necessarily receiving certain Community notification and password reset mail messages.


Look out for his reply next week.

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