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Not receiving emails

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I'm trying to recover my password for a website which involves me receiving an email with a link to folllow - however these emails don't arrive. I have obviously checked my Spam folder but they aren't there - is there anyway to find out if these are being blocked by TalkTalk?


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I’ve been alerted to the fact that I am not receiving emails from a specific sender with 2 addresses: and

I can’t see either of these addresses in my blocked senders filter list and I can’t add these to a ‘safe senders list’ myself via webmail or my IPhone.

The organisation’s admin person is telling me to ask you to ‘whitelist’ these addresses (never heard of this before).

Can you please let me know if emails from this sender are being blocked by the Talktalk mail server and if so why?


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Hi hrphillips, if you add both email addresses in the private notes section of your profile and I'll see what I can do for you. Please post back once you've added them so that I can pick it up.

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Hi @hrphillips


Feels like the webmail account is working as you've checked that it's receiving emails.  If you'd inadvertently blocked a sender then the sender would be on the Blocked Senders Filter and those emails would be in the Trash folder assuming that hasn't been set to automatically clear on exiting webmail.


To check the Blocked Sender's Filter:

Settings > Mail > Scroll down to Filters > Blocked Sender's Filter > Edit - check and delete if found and click OK


To check the Trash setting:

Settings > Mail > Mail Display - Empty Trash - clear the tick box if set and click Save


Now the website.

You obviously cannot login to check the account so you might have to ask the website admins to do that. 


Presumably, you're following the forgot password links and then entering your Tiscali email address and you know it's the right address.  But, if you'd entered a different email address previously, or their system has got corrupted or your account there has been hacked and the email address changed then some of these websites don't tell you that the email doesn't match up when you request a password reset.  They do that to prevent hackers just trying email addresses to try and find matches.  So to fully check you'd contact the website admins.  Or if you'd set up an alternate means of recovery like a security question or a mobile 'phone number that would be good to try.


On whether the emails are being blocked by TalkTalk. It's always a possibility if the sender is on a spam blacklist, for example.  But the sender would be receiving the bounceback messages and If they had an alternate means of contacting you I'd hope they would advise you.


I'll alert the TalkTalk support team. Just put your Tiscali email address in your Community Profile, Personal Information, Private Notes (bottom of page), add the sender's email address that you think may be blocked and Save Changes.

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Hi @Gondola,


I've already done both of those, I'm receiving other email fine and the email address is definitely correct. (I'm actually using a Tiscali email address, but I don't think that would make any difference?)


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Hi @hrphillips


There are two things I would do.

  1. Send your TalkTalk webmail a test message from another mail service to make sure that's received ok.
    If it's not then check for mail forwarding and change your TalkTalk password
  2. Check the website has your correct TalkTalk webmail address and that it hasn't been changed.

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