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Not receiving talk talk emails unless internet is reset? help!!

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 Hi! hope someone can help me, Up untill last tuesday everything was fine but now it wont actually receive or load any emails unless the internet is quickly switched off and back on, This also happens for the iphone its on. Very annoying and the tech team had no idea on what to do? Any help would be much appricated as its rather annoying now!


Thanks Adam.



(writing on regards to my boss, bare with me for the responds)


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Many thanks, Ill try this after lunchtime for him! thanks again

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Hi @adamcarr


It's probably something stopping the sync of the email app to the server.  First try a power off of the iPhone and repower.  Always a good first start.


On the iPhone:

  • Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
  • Settings > Mail > Select the update frequency for syncing e.g. every 15 mins.


I assume you're using IMAP settings with the email app?


Check the settings are correct: TalkTalk IMAP settings (Click here).


If all looks ok then I'll alert the TalkTalk support email expert to try a mailbox repair job to see if that re-commences regular syncing to the email server.

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