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OFFICIAL -- Filters don't work

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Someone in the office of the Director of Customer Service has admitted that filters only work some of the time.


That raises three questions:


1 Why don't TalkTalk have the decency to tell the people in the call centre that filters don't work all of the time? I could have saved hours of my time and so could TalkTalk.


2 Why don't TalkTalk have the decency to admit this on the "community" forum and save other customers from wasting their time?


3 Why can't TalkTalk get their simple filters to work? I used Gmail for 12 years. One of the first things I did there was set up filters to put mail from certain people and organisations into particular folders. That was the last time I thought about filters; they just worked. After all, it really isn't rocket science!


My guess is they would have to admit they are breaking our contracts every day. TalkTalk is supposed to be an ISP; every other ISP I have heard of provides email addresses and a working mail server.
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@peter_scott wrote:



My guess is they would have to admit they are breaking our contracts every day. 



@peter_scott wrote:


TalkTalk is supposed to be an ISP; every other ISP I have heard of provides email addresses and a working mail server.

No they don't. And unlike TalkTalk there are other providers who have abandoned their email services leaving their users high and dry.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi peter_scott, there is one main theme to your post. You feel that we don't tell customers the cause of their problem and don't provide a working service. I challenge you to search my posts and you'll find I often mention that the spam filters sometimes fail if you add more than 50 addresses. This is sometimes but not always true. Some customers have 3 or 400 email addresses in their filters and never complain to us. "Simple" filters is far from "Simple" it requires much work often to maintain or email system. The call centre staff are obliged to fault the diagnostic steps that lead them and the caller through the most common cause of the problem they're suffering. To show our commitment to our email using customers you'll probably have noticed the sticky threads detailing the all new email platform that is coming online very soon. In the new system there won't be the same problems with the filters that exist on this current platform.  I hope my post goes some way to helping you. 

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi Ady,


I am sorry I have offended you. When I say TalkTalk I really mean
TalkTalk (Management and Bosses) not TalkTalk (the workers). The OCEs and all the workers in the call centre are clearly pulling out all the stops to prop up the idiotic call centre-based approach that TalkTalk (M+B) have set up. Lions led by donkeys is the usual description of this situation. The system might be cheap, but it is inefficient and annoying; it explains why TalkTalk is at the bottom of the satisfaction league tables. TalkTalk (M+B) do not deserve to have such loyal workers as you.


I have two problems: (1) the user defined filters don't work, and (2) my emails are being thrown away. I suspect (2) is caused by the bizarre way that TalkTalk (M+B) (or the company they probably sub-contract email to) have decided to deal with suspected spam.


Problem (1): I shouldn't have to search your posts on a bulletin board to find out that filters do not work all the time. If I had a production system that did not work, I would have a big notice in red letters warning users that they could set filters up but they might not work. There is nothing like this on the webmail page that we use to set up filters. At the very least, there should be a big sticky warning on the community forum


Also TalkTalk (M+B) should ensure that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Call centre workers should be told that filters only work intermittently so that they could admit it and avoid wasting customers' time. In my case it took me seventy six days and emails directly to Nick Gunga to find that filters have been flaky for at least two years and don't look like being fixed any day soon.


BTW: I have two filters with one address in each.


Problem (2): I do not exactly know what you mean by "spam filters". TalkTalk (M+B) encouraging users to set up filters to deal with spam points to poor system architecture. User-defined filters should not be run up front, especially if they have hundreds of addresses in them. A sensible software designer would run user-defined filters in the background after accepting the emails. None of Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo use TalkTalk's daft approach.
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This is a reply to Ferguson, explaining why I say TalkTalk is breaking our contracts.  Is isn't about the lesser problem of the filters not working.


All my email goes through -- an excellent company. This weekend, as an experiment, I arranged for it all to go to a Gmail address as well as to TalkTalk. When mail arrived at Gmail I checked it had also arrived at TalkTalk. After two days, three items had gone missing at TalkTalk; none had arrived at TalkTalk but not at Gmail. Clearly, this explains why several people thought I had ignored them since I switched to email at TalkTalk.


TalkTalk's email service is simply not fit for purpose. Since I started using it in January, I have wasted days trying to get TalkTalk to investigate my email losses. They deny that it happens and, if it does, it is all my fault or anyone else they can think of. One of your ISPs that didn't claim to offer email services would have been better in my case!


You are right to be concerned about being left high and dry. TalkTalk's webspace facility was also poor and now they are abandoning it. A company like gives you an email address for life, avoiding dependence on a particular ISP or employer.
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I understand your annoyance, but because you say TalkTalk are in breach of contract it doesn’t make it so, I cannot find anything in the T&Cs that would remotely support your case.


I do wonder why you and others who post with similar anguish persist in using TalkTalk email when there are many alternatives out there. I haven’t used an ISP bound email service for years and I cannot imagine why I ever would.