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Octopus energy emails being put into spam

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Is there anyway to prevent emails from Octopus Energy being sent straight to spam?

I have no filters set on my email.



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Hi chris45,


Please let us know how you get on


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Thanks, I will contact Octopus Energy and let them know.  All my other emails are getting through from other sources that use  So, as you say, it must be a problem at Octopus.


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Hi chris45 


The mail from is being sent from servers / IP address not listed on the SPF file for the domain. The SPF file does have a soft fail option which is why the mail is delivered. But the TalkTalk inbound mail checks will not find the IP address on the SPF file so that's why the mail is marked as spam and delivered into the Spam folder.


Octopus Energy's IT people need to update the SPF file to include the designated range of senders used by and that will solve the problem.

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Received: from ([])
	by with SMTP

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Hi chris45 


The mail has a genuine from address but it is being delivered to your Inbox marked as spam (X-Spam: 1) which is why it's landing in the Spam folder. (X-spam: 0 and it would be delivered to the Inbox).


I can check the sending IP address for you. In the email header above the X-Spam entry there's one or more lines Received: from.

Look for the line that is Received: from sending address ([ IP address ]) by with SMTP.


It's the sending address and IP address within the rounded and square brackets that I'd like to see, as received by the MX server at TalkTalk - so, just the email header line that starts with Received: and ends in by with SMTP.

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Xspam: 1


From: Octopus Energy <>

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Thanks for the reply.

I will report back on the header when i next receive an octopus email ( i have deleted the old ones). The email was from

I already reported the emails as non spam but it hasn't stopped the emails being put in the spam folder.

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Hi chris45 


I don't see a particular issue with the two usual email domains used by Octopus Energy and However, the email sending service domain for person to person mail communication is and this appears not to have an SPF record set up which is an instant trigger for suspect spam.


There are also phishing emails in circulation purporting to be from Octopus Energy.


When inspecting the mail header using View Source from the More Options menu in TalkTalk Mail what do you see in the header against the X-Spam flag and what is the From mail address between the chevron brackets?


Just in case genuine mail has been inadvertently marked as spam then just select the mail in the Spam folder and select Not Spam from the toolbar and this will notify the network filters and move the mail into the Inbox.


Marking as Spam or Ham.png


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