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Old Tiscali email hacked

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Hi, I used to have a tiscali email account a couple of years ago but stopped using it. I put a forward onto the account so that any emails would be redirected to my Gmail, but I didn't think that it existed any more as I was notified that it would be closed.   However it seems someone has hacked it as I have received 2 emails from Revolut Business with codes on for 2 step verification.  Please could someone advise me how to delete the account? I cannot remember my password and I imagine the hacker may have changed it anywa

y.  Thank you for help and advice with this.


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Hi Buddy78 


If you don't have access to an active customer MyAccount listing the email address then self-help email deletion isn't available to you.  But you still do have access to the TalkTalk Data Protection Team to request that your mailbox be permanently deleted in order to protect your online security.  

 Understanding your data rights (GDPR).  Your Right to Erasure is the relevant section for the DP Team to take your instruction to delete the email address and mailbox.


Bear in mind they'll need sufficient proof that you are the registered user of the email address. Proof of who you are and a postal address and 'phone number to link you to the initial registration of the email address. This is just to make sure they're not deleting an email address registered to someone else.


Let us know how you get on. You should receive written confirmation to your home postal address normally within 2 weeks but allowing up to 30 days.


If you have any other questions then just reply here in Community and I'll offer to guide you.

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