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Onetel Mailzone - URGENT Request ro Reset Passwords

First Timer
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I do not and have never had a Talk Talk account.  However I do have two old Onetel email accounts which are the accounts I use for all my online accounts and logins so are very important to me.

I use both of these two Onetel accounts to set up my two Facebook accounts (long story) and one of these Facebook accounts been hacked. The hackers have also hacked into one of the Onetel accounts so I have been unable to stop them sending emails and messages using both my Facebook account and my Onetel account.  They have been sending emails from the Onetel account but as I cannot access my Facebook account I have no idea what they have been doing there. Facebook have not taken my numerous requests to have both these accounts deleted seriously.

As one of my accounts has been compromised I urgently need to have the passwords for both accounts reset.

Please can someone help me with this? The hackers seem to be Russian as all the sent emails are in a foreign language.


Support Team
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Hi suenoname, I can help you but I do have to verify your identity to do it. I've sent you a personal message to get more information. 



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