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Onetel email upgrade

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My elderly mother has been using a Onetel email address for 20 years. Although we've now got her using a Gmail address, she still has a lot of people who only contact her through Onetel. As she has forgotten the password, it causes endless problems whenever she has a new device, as she likes Thunderbird and has a whole bunch of emails saved there, but she can't send from Thunderbird due to the lack of password.


I have just set up a recovery email address for her prior to the migration to TalkTalk. If we use this to reset her password, will we need to then change her email address to TalkTalk?  I am urging her to migrate as many things as possible to her Gmail account and unsubscribe to the bazillion daily emails she gets in Onetel, but that's going to take some time. 


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Hi Fenny,


Welcome to the Community, just let us know if you need any further assistance




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Hi @Gondola 


Thanks for that. I'm hoping life with Mum's email will become a little less fraught once we can reset her password.  Although I'm still trying to wean her off Thunderbird and onto gmail, so we don't have to keep transferring data between machines.




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Hi @fenny42uk 


First class support to your mum. You did exactly the right thing to set up password recovery Reset details as the upgrade to TalkTalk Mail will give the opportunity for you to update her onetel password.


The onetel email address will not change, just the webmail login page.


TalkTalk Mail has Filter rules so for those friends that still contact her you can put their email addresses in a Filter rule to accept the wanted email and Trash the rest.

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