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Our Mailserver is blacklisted

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Hello team,

recently i've been facing this error on my server any time i need to contact my talktalk customers 

"554 cm7nec hUtsmFWQ0eCgU IP Blacklisted (TT103)"

can you please give a reason why? and how can i fix it? and how can i avoid it next time? and whats os the best practices for a good delivery on talktalk?


thank you very much and i will appreciate any help from you.


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Hi corsnam, any blacklisting will be picked up and used against you. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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I'd say it's highly likely. Any idea of the reason for Spamhaus picking up the domain and sender IP address?


Crucial to a deliverability plan is to send only to verified and opted in addresses and prompt removal of any invalid or undeliverable bounce back addresses.


I've given the details to TalkTalk Support to see what TalkTalk say about the blocking.

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no i'm not using an ssl certifcate for my domain in the meanwhile


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yes i had requested a delisting from spamhaus blacklist but still no response from their part, so the reason i've been blacklisted in talktalk is the dbl blacklisted domain?


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Hi corsnam 


First run through MX Toolbox shows the domain and IP address are on the Spamhaus DBL (a Domain Block list) and Spamhaus ZEN (a SPAM blacklist).


Have you requested de-listing?


The SPF record is good, and actually better than many, having just the one specified IP address for sending mail.

Using DKIM signed mail and having a DMARC record is good and guards against spoofing. No actual policy though for recipient mail services to follow but you are getting 100% of the DMARC reports.


Sending mail to the domain is indicating there's no SSL security certificate?

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Hello Gondola,


yes i'm sending from a personnal domain, spf dkim and dmarc are configured on my domain, and i'm using a static IP from a dedicated server and this is my domain


 i appreciate your response


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Hi corsnam 


554 5.1.1 IP Blacklisted (TT103) means TalkTalk network has blacklisted the IP address. The reason is unspecified but usually because recipients have marked the mail as spam.


Are you sending from a personal domain mail server?
Is the IP address fixed or static?
Or are you using a hosted mail service to send out your mail messages?


Is the sending IP address specified on the domain SPF file?
Is the message DKIM signed
Have you set a DMARC policy?

What is the sending domain?

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