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Outbrain images on mobile email

First Timer
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Outbrain advertising images are blocking view of my emails and making mobile email unusable.  How can I stop this please?


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Hi Steve57861 


If you use the Gmail app on your mobile then as well as collecting your Gmail messages you can also add your email account to the Gmail app to collect and send tiscali mail.


Sets up very easily.  Here's how:  Link your email to Gmail

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First Timer
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Thanks for all the replies to my original query.  I do have a gmail a/c but still want to be able to see other emails on tiscali which are the problem.  Changing orientation of the phone to landscape makes it even worse.  I'll go through the various suggestions but unless I can find the answer the email function of web mail from talktalk will be useles to me.  Thanks once again.

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Hi GEG63 


The reason I asked about holding the 'phone vertically was because when holding it horizontally you only see advertisements. There are 3 locations for advertising and the two you see on a mobile are at the top and bottom of the list view. The top one is currently for Outbrain. When I looked I couldn't replicate an issue with obscuring the mail list or messages except when holding the 'phone horizontally.


You get the option of stopping the display of disruptive advertising in the Chrome settings but this doesn't recover the space at the top that the advertising would normally occupy.


There is a TalkTalk app and it's one provided by the TalkTalk Mail platform vendor as a companion app. I use this app daily. No advertising. However, the app isn't on general release. That doesn't really matter because there are plenty of email apps for mobile 'phones. A mobile usually has a built in email app. Set up an IMAP email account and this connects to the TalkTalk Mail server using an IMAP secure connection to mirror exactly the messages and folders you'd see in webmail.

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It was there whether I use the phone in landscape or portrait. I'm used to the Google ads at the bottom and they don't bother me as they are not intrusive.

I am using the weblink to TalkTalk Webmail. It would be useful if TalkTalk had a phone app for their Webmail but I cant see any reference to one.

Isn't it very odd that it does not affect any other webmail link or app on the entire phone. Seems specific to TalkTalk webmail. Has the webmail been affected by someone putting adverts for Outbrain at source on the server? Odd two people have exactly the same problem on the same day.


Support Team
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Nice support here from Gondola. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi GEG63 


Are you holding the mobile in portrait (longest edge to right and left) or landscape (longest edge to top and bottom)? Setting Chrome to block intrusive advertising is the way to go. But using the native email app or the Gmail app, for example, would give you the mail without any advertising.


PS the logo is the head of a 'brainy' person wearing glasses.

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Whizz Kid
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Same thing happened to me this morning. It only affects the TalkTalk webmail on my android phone which is by a web link using Chrome. Very oddly no other web links or apps are affected with it on the phone so it seems a bit unlikely its a general piece of adware on the phone. Seems to be specific to TalkTalk webmail .

Have TalkTalk subscribed to Outbrain??

I got round it by going into Chrome/Settings/Site Settings and selecting the option to disable intrusive adds. It obviously doesn't stop Google ads but it stopped the Outbrain ads appearing. However there is a small sun logo on the top right that is still there that links to info about Outbrain but its greyed out..

Anyone else suddenly getting these adds?


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Hi Steve57861 


Use the 'phone's built in email app or the Gmail app or download the Bluemail app. Just three of several app solutions to give you mail on the mobile without advertising.


If you need help to set up any specific email apps just say what mobile you're using and what email app you'd like to use (preferably not Outlook for mobile as that doesn't connect directly to the TalkTalk Mail servers).


 Email settings - IMAP & POP3

 Setting up TalkTalk email on iPhone

 Setting up TalkTalk email on iPad

 Setting up TalkTalk email on an Android device


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