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Outlook 2010 prompting for passwords since switching (back) to TalkTalk

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Hi all,


Just switched back to TalkTalk after 18 months with another provider.


Everything is sweet - but I've just got a bit of a 'funny' in that the two machines that I've got Outlook 2010 installed on now prompt for email passwords when launching this app.


They're all Hotmail addresses - about half a dozen, and actually entering the passwords doesn't seem to help. Only my works email is unaffected.


It must be a config/security thing related to switching to TalkTalk but I'm struggling to figure out what to update. 


Anybody got any ideas/suggestions? (Other than 'Use the web-based UI', haha - I know Outlook 2010 is ancient and that I could use the online version - but I do find a desktop mail app convenient).


Hope someone can advise. Thanks in advance!


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That's great news petermb, thanks for letting us know 🙂



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Nice work. Thunderbird is a classic style of mail client and more up to date and more reliable, in my view, than Outlook 2010. 

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Hi! The note about security was salutary, so I downloaded Thunderbird, -which looks good: I was able to add all my accounts with no problem, and it seems like a useful app.

Ironically, however, when logging onto Outlook to cross-reference the email addresses, I found that this was working again... No idea why that would be. 

Either way, I'm happy!

Thanks for the support.


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Hi petermb,


Just let us know if you need any further assistance



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Gondola - thanks for the response: I'll get onto it. 




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Hi petermb 


Welcome to the TalkTalk Community

Community offers member to member support plus access to TalkTalk's UK Support team helping Consumer customers. Support team names are in bold red text and suffixed with -TalkTalk.


Getting Started -  Select here for some useful things and people to know when it comes to getting help and asking questions.


Outlook 2010 is a deprecated product. As it's not supported by Microsoft with essential security updates it's not wise to take it online.


Having said that, the repeated requests for passwords are usually because the connection to the hotmail server isn't fully authenticated. Take screenshots of the general, outgoing and advanced tabs from Outlook, image edit to obscure the first part of the email address and upload here and I'll take a look.


The hotmail recommended settings may not be available on Outlook 2010 and the connection security required is TLS1.2 that also may not be available.


The normal settings for incoming mail are:

Port: 993 (IMAP account)

Connection Security: SSL/TLS


And for outgoing mail:

Port: 587

Connection Security: STARTTLS

Tick My outgoing server requires authentication


And for both: Enter the Full email address as Username and Save the password (Normal Password not encrypted i.e. don't use SPA)


Troubleshoot by downloading and setting up Thunderbird to prove that an email client connection does work. Or try Windows Mail on Windows 10.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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