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When I send emails using Outlook for Android on my phone or tablet, they do not send but go first to the Outbox and then to Drafts; this happens from a Tiscali address and from a TalkTalk address.  No matter which device I send from, the emails in Drafts synchronise with phone, tablet and PC.  There are no problems receiving emails.  I have tried the following:


Send emails from my PC - this is okay;

Send emails from Webmail - this is okay;

Resetting the accounts - no difference:

Used both and settings - no difference

Deleted the accounts (on both phone and tablet at the same time), switched both the phone and the tablet off then back on and re-added the accounts - no difference;

Uninstalled/reinstalled Outlook for Android - this makes no difference;

Set up the addresses in Gmail - there is no problem sending and receiving.

I also have and accounts set up and they both send okay.


Is there any reason why this is happening?  Coincidentally, this happened the same day I renewed my broadband contract with TalkTalk.


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Thanks @fr8ys and @Ady-TalkTalk , looks like I’ll have to use another app.  I’ve actually been using Outlook for Android for a couple of years (at least) with the ‘not sending’ problem happening every now and again but could be resolved by either resetting the account or by re-entering my password (although sometimes it could be a couple of attempts/days before it was fixed); this recent occurrence has been ongoing for about a week, hence my post.

I wonder if it could be something to do with not being able to enter security details in Outlook for Android?


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Hi johnnyj, I know Gondola has also followed the same steps as fr8ys and given up on the Outlook android app as it simply doesn't appear to work with TalkTalk mail. 



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I too had this problem a few weeks ago on my tablet using Outlook.


Managed to cure it fora day by deleting and adding the account again. I did find I could send the draft from my phone or PC though. I tried adding my TalkTalk address to android on the phone and had issues there too.


I gave up and have gone to the tablets default email program (I have a Fire tablet) and have had no problems since. I use Bluemail on my phone.


I therefore think it is something within Outlook causing the problem, especially as you have tried gmail with no issues.


I will be interested to hear what the OCE says, but probably time to switch to a programme you know will work.

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