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Password prompt with POP3 access outlook 2010 client

Whizz Kid
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Being prompted for password when performing POP3 access from outlook 2010 client.

I have had this for months if not years on and off. Just put it down to a rubbish talktalk "thing"  

After a few hours it usually sorts itself out. 

But today am finding it very frustrating because i have 6 emails and 5 of them are coming through just fine but one of them is giving problems.

I need to dump one of the 6 in readiness to only have 5. I needed to change my login email as that is the one I need to dump, so last night I changed it and got the confirm email but this morning that one email is the one playing up. 

And I can not now log in to my account with that email either, or the old one


Whizz Kid
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I have had advice - see below from Gondola that I have too many related questions.

You now have 3 active topics essentially on the same issue. OCE_Ady is already on the case on one topic.

I suggest you discuss with Ady on that topic. Too confusing to keep switching topics.


So I will keep it here.

In my other posts Gondola suggests I need an OCE help to reset my password. I have updated my personal profile and added the problem email in my personal message section and await the fantastic OCE help. 


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No I have not deleted any yet.

But I THINK 🤔 I have worked out what is happening for at least my current outlook issues.

Yes Ady that is right I logged in ok with my same email address that I have been using for years to log in with, but that address is the one I chose to delete at some point in the near future.

So I choose another email address to log in with - and all is ok whilst I am still logged in.

Until the next time I try to log in with the newly chosen email address and it will not let me.


Am I right in thinking this -----

I think that it is because the password for that newly chosen email is not strong enough and so it gets blocked.

I had the same issue this morning with the 2nd email address/password not being accepted   but I managed to use the "send a password reset to my mobile phone" option and upon resetting my password to somthing very similar to the old one it flags up and tells me its not strong enough so I set a strong one and get logged in to my account.

But then my outlook can no longer access that email so I changed the settings in outlook to reflect the new more secure password and now that email is ok.

But I still have an email address that is so far down the rabbit hole I need an OCE to send a private message with password reset links.

That issue is awaiting an OCE responce.

Once everything has settled down I will upgrade the other emails with a more secure password one my one and test in outlook as I go.



Support Team
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Hi Marvel, so you have 6 mailboxes and need to get rid of 1. You've logged into MyAccount and the changed the main login address by clicking on the new choice of login. Now you can't login with that email and it's password is that correct? Have you already deleted the old one from MyAccount? 

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.