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Password rejection by talktalk

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I regularly get "password not recognized" when I try to send emails though any of my talktalk accounts.  My passwords and stored automatically by my iMac in Keychain and the problem only applies to passwords associated with talktalk email accounts.  It doesn't matter which computer I use - it happens regularly on an iMac, MacBook Pro, and an iPad.  It doesn't happen on my Apple account or a gmail account I have.


Is the talktalk system at fault and what can I do to rectify this (short of using someone else)?


I use Thunderbird as an email client and the iMac is on High Sierra v10.13.6. Everything is up to date.


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I've started a new post on this one.  I think the password issue is on the talktalk end as I've tried all the above methods to find the problem.  I am already using Thunderbird and yes I have checked its own password system.  The fact that this problem is sporadic suggests issues with the telephone line/talktalk server.


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Hi watercolour, Gondola has given you great advice. Please let us know how you get on. 


It's incredible common to see this type of issue with an email client whether it be Thunderbird, Outlook or one of the myriad of others. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Hi watercolour 


If I understand your testing, you've checked that each talktalk mailbox is working. You've signed in to each mailbox via the TalkTalk Mail sign in to prove you can associate each mailbox with a working password. So that's perfect.


The mailboxes should also be listed in your MyAccount to ensure they're fully activated for email client / email app access such as with Apple Mail.


Because there appears to be a problem with Apple Mail / Keychain in presenting the correct passwords I would remove / disable the Keychain credentials / icloud Keychain credentials for a specific email address and try to sync that email address with its working password directly in Apple Mail.


I'd probably remove all email accounts from Apple Mail and clear all Keychain credentials and set up everything afresh.


I would troubleshoot to prove it's an Apple issue by using an alternative email app like Thunderbird so that you can set up the email addresses and prove that you can use an email client ok with TalkTalk Mail.


The Email settings are given in the TalkTalk Mail Support Hub.

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Just noticed your responses whilst posting something else!


I have been through all the accounts names, passwords and other settings; I have also been through the keychain names/passwords and can find no errors. I have signed in and out of each account on the talktalk website and they all work correctly.  I have checked them using the Apple Mail client and get the same fault.


I believe it is quite significant that the talktalk email accounts are the only ones that get this fault.  My Apple account (ending in and another gmail account ( do not suffer from this issue.


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Hi @watercolour 


To troubleshoot the passwords what I suggest is using a browser like Chrome or Firefox sign in to TalkTalk Mail for each mailbox and sign out before signing in to the next. This is to positively confirm for each mailbox you know the correct password and the webmail sign in is working.


Although you're using the keychain password manager, Thunderbird would normally save passwords.  You can check those are set up correctly for each mail account by selecting the Thunderbird Menu (triple lines top right) > Options > Options > Security > Passwords > Saved Passwords > Show Passwords > Confirm Yes.


So then you'll see and can cross-check the saved passwords for each mailbox incoming IMAP and outgoing SMTP. 


My thinking is that keychain is probably not presenting the right password for the mailbox you're using. i.e. it's presenting a password for a different account. And therefore just needs the passwords checking.



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Are you able to access your TalkTalk Accounts via the Browser WebMail route @watercolour: