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Pipex email authentication/authorization issues

Whizz Kid

Given that the MX records have now been fixed there is still the issue of transient authentication/authorization failures.


I have a process which connects to the IMAP server every ~5 mins and downloads any waiting mail to a server at my home. It reports quite a few problems (but just tries again later an then it all works).

e.g., this happened ~30 mins ago:

==> Thu 27 Feb 12:09:08 GMT 2020
fetchmail: Unknown login or authentication error on
fetchmail: socket error while fetching from
fetchmail: Query status=2 (SOCKET)


(account name changed to protect the innocent - me).

The SERVER LOG mentioned would be TalkTalk's server log...


I would attach a longer list, but my attempts to attach "login_errors.txt" is told that .txt is not supported, then gives a list of allowed file types (actually filename suffices, which is not the same thing at all) and that list ends with .txt



Whizz Kid's happy for me at attach a zip file of the text here it is.

Whizz Kid

And I see that the IMAP server is failing to authorize again, while the SMTP server is refusing to accept any incoming TCP connexions at all (again).


It started tonight at ~01:40.

Enlightened One

'Transient' Pipex server connection failures are an all too common problem we have seen for the past few years. Numerous forum threads evidence the problem. Usually most commonly seen for incoming mail. Its why we are all waiting, still, for the Pipex domain to be migrated to TalkTalk's new email platform.

Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!
Whizz Kid

@gmlack wrote:

And I see that the IMAP server is failing to authorize again, while the SMTP server is refusing to accept any incoming TCP connexions at all (again).


It started tonight at ~01:40.

Well, after several months of working OK I find the IMAP server failing to authorize again (at 01:40) and the SMTP server is again refusing to accept any incoming TCP connexions at all.


There is a note on the Service Dashboard about "Planned Maintenance" between 00:01 and 04:00 today, which says:


Don't worry, you'll still have access to your emails during this maintenance window and shouldn't experience any issues. However, you may notice things are a little slower than normal or you might be asked to log in again in a few minutes.


so perhaps it's related?  Did someone forgot that Pipex connexions appear to take different routes?  Did anyone care?

Super Duper Contributor

I woke up this morning to be greeted by the "old" failed to connect pop-up error, my iMac mail client has been like this for the last couple of hours.


Screenshot 2020-08-19 at 06.37.14.png


I was really starting to believe that this type of problem had been finally resolved because I've had a reasonably good run of "connection" and have hardly seen an incoming server error for the last 6 months, and that included the worst of the covid situation!


This time though it seems to be impacting both incoming and outgoing servers so I'm suspecting a different problem has occurred.


Screenshot 2020-08-19 at 06.43.36.png


Could an OCE please look in to this and get it resolved.



Super Duper Contributor

Well, I seem to be back up and working again (as of 0900hrs), from my iPhone anyhow.

Not sure what this issue was, certainly had altered any settings, just seemed as servers had stopped responding for a few hours.

Hope others are having similar luck.


(I’m still using a pop account, if that makes any difference.)