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Pipex email won't send emails when I'm roaming abroad in France

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Whilst in France recently my Pipex email was able to receive emails, but refused to send emails from my iPhone and iPad. After waiting a while, the app returned a message “the user name is password is incorrect”. (not true!) 


I then tried the Talktalk webmail service using my Windows 10 Laptop.  The webmail logged in fine and received emails correctly, but it also failed to send emails. 


I then tried the Talktalk webmail while connected via a VPN based in the UK. This would fool the Pipex email service into thinking I was in the UK and the webmail service was then able to send emails.  This seems to prove that the Pipex email service has a problem sending emails when I am working outside of the UK (i.e. it is not some I am doing wrong!).


Now I am back in the UK all is working fine on all the devices I use - the iPhone, iPad and Microsoft Outlook.


I have checked the Talktalk recommended settings for Pipex email on an iPad / iPhone and they are correct.


Any ideas please?


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Hi @Smiler79


Send emails off the TalkTalk network and there's a possibility that the host network could apply blocking for spam protection or talktalk could apply rate limiting or blocking as spam protection.


Normally, sending from EU networks is ok.  But it does change from time-to-time and dynamic rate limiting or blocking can be applied depending on the amount of spam detected as being sent or received from those networks.


In Community we're seeing an increase in French spammers so maybe the French networks are seeing the same.

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