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Pipex primary email address

Kevin R
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I have an ongoing query to try and regain access to one of my migrated but hacked pipex email accounts.

I'm getting good support, but have hit a bit of a brick wall in needing to know my pipex primary email account. I was certain it was a certain address in the form, but I am being told I'm incorrect.

Given I first became a pipex customer back in 2002 and many hard drives, internet providers and email address changes later I'm not able to access much in the way of dialogue from pipex

Can anyone confirm if a primary pipex email address domain is or some other variant? Or indeed it could be a n other email address by another email provider. This will help me focus on the possible answers I can offer.


Many thanks




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Hi Kevin R 


If you're not a TalkTalk Consumer home broadband or MailPlus customer then you'll not be able to quote a TalkTalk telephone number or Account number to fulfil the requirements of Barry the BOT's initial dialogue. 


Just select the joining option and ask about applying for MailPlus for your TalkTalk legacy emails and that, first, you need to contact the Data Protection Team to find out which of your email accounts are correctly linked to be able to apply for MailPlus using the master email addresses. Customer Service agents will likely not have a clue about legacy master and alias email addresses but they should be able to put you in touch with the Data Protection team to kick this enquiry off. Best to call in daytime office hours when DP are at work.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Can I access live chat if I don't have a talktalk account?


Thanks again


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Hi Kevin R 


You can make contact in any way that suits. Call, LiveChat or write. The help page for Data Protection is  Understanding your data rights. I'd say what you'd aim to do is ask for a Subject Access Request to identify the linked email accounts registered in your name. And specifically which mailboxes of yours are active on the TalkTalk Mail platform.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Hi Gondola


Sorry you are having to read between the lines. I'm giving it you as I see it, not as customer service would see it.

Your assumptions are right. I have an email address for which I only have the alias for, I no longer have access to anything with the primary email address. Although I do have talktalk's email it doesn't give me the primary address.

I have absolutely everything else to identify myself. It does sound like my next step will be talk to the Data Protection Team. How can I do that?


I'm more than happy Ady is following TalkTalk Security rules.


And thanks for your assistance Gondola



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Hi Kevin R 


I'm having to do a lot of reading between the lines here... my guess is that Ady is advising that you don't have a specific master email address or a specific alias address (the compromised one) registered in your name. So either that address does not exist because it's been deleted through non-use or you've offered an incorrect address that doesn't match your personal data - it's an active address but not registered to you / the registration details don't sufficiently match to those you've given Ady and Ady's not permitted to tell you which bits don't match up. TalkTalk Security rules!


The issue here is not being certain of the address / domain / registration. Because if you keep guessing then after two wrong 'guesses' Ady is barred from helping you for 7 days. TalkTalk Security rules, again!


The email address that was used for webspace uploading. That's very unlikely to have been inherited by TalkTalk Consumer because Consumer webspace hosting was closed on 10 Aug 2018.


Logically, if Ady is unable to match you up to an email address then the final recourse is to the TalkTalk Data Protection Team to consider whatever additional evidence you can offer to prove your rights to use the address in question. Or you may well say "It's not worth the hassle". Do nothing is an option.


Some things to consider.

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Kevin R
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Hi Gondola,

Thank you for your response

Ady is helping me.

I did retain the email message for two of my three email addresses that migrated. In one of them I had all the details about my primary address thus


Your primary email address is, you also have the following associated email addresses:           


But for my compromised email account, the email that I have saved from talktalk, did not have these details. It seems that it was an auto generated email which didn't pick up the details from their database.

For my third email address even though I haven't got the email from talktalk saved I do know the primary and email address, so that is safe.


For futher clarity I was thinking that I had a fourth email address - which I believed to be the master email address which I never used for anything, but was set up for the account maintenance. And I had an ftp site that pipex provided, which I used this fourth email address to access


So I had four primary email addresses 3 of which I know, one which I don't which is compromised

And I had 3 alias email addresses but not an alias for the master account.


Or it could be that I have 3 aliases and 3 primary accounts, and all that I am getting wrong is the domain when replying to Ady.







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Hi Kevin R 


You're correct. Who is currently advising you otherwise?


Did you retain the mail messages sent from TalkTalk prior to the pipex mailboxes being upgraded to the current TalkTalk Mail platform?  There would have been at least one email specifying the master email address and the linked alias addresses.


If you know an alias address then TalkTalk Support here can verify you as the registered email user and tell you the master address and all linked aliases.


TalkTalk Mail domains ex-pipex

TalkTalk Mail Domains


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