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Problem of Never Receiving a Specific Email at my Main Toucansurf Email Address

Whizz Kid
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The usual email address I use for day-to-day stuff is an old legacy one ( I also have secondary accounts with ymail and gmail. A particular booking confirmation email sent by a hotel has never got through to the toucan address despite several retries. However, by sending it to the ymail address, it gets through. So I tried forwarding the message from ymail to both toucan and gmail. It arrived at the gmail address but still not toucan. Ditto if I then forward it from gmail to toucan. A quick test email from both gmail and ymail accounts to the toucan address works. Hence there seems to be something in the hotel's original email or email address that the toucan servers are unhappy with and block it totally (without generating any undeliverable type messages back to the sender).


The offending email message contains two PDFs, several JPGs and a PNG, all of which can be opened successfully for viewing from the ymail account. Now I use MS Outlook to download and clear messages from the toucan email server but I can't see this being the problem since the message does not show up if I access toucan webmail instead.  Also, I sent a quick test email from the toucan account to the hotel's reception email address. This arrived with them but their short confirmation back to me did not.


Is the mail is being caught by some spam filter before it ever gets to my inbox?  The old toucan/pipex email system is quite basic now by modern standards and TalkTalk have been promising for ages to bring their legacy domains up to the same level as their later accounts but this seems stalled.  There is no spam folder visible in the toucan webmail display and no obvious way to control filtering or create a whitelist. Oddly the hotel's marketing information to multiple addresses gets through just fine - it's the ones from hotel reception to just me that seem to be blocked.


What does concern me is that this may have happened before with an invoice from a different company but I have no way of knowing that certain emails are being blocked.  All advice gratefully received.


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Hi mniven, thanks for posting back to share the results of your work to discover the problem. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Good investigative skills!

As you say, probably a good idea to bring this to the attention of the Hotel in case they have, or will, come across this problem.

Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!

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Offending JPG hopefully attached.



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Thank you for the comments.  I've been beavering away trying to find just what was causing the problem in the rogue email.  The 13 attachments/images only totalled 415kB, so not size.  Thinking about the problem more logically made me decide that one or more of the images/attachments must be causing the problem since I was now forwarding the email from ymail and it still didn't get through - so not likely to be an issue with the original sender's address being blocked.


To cut a long process short, I gradually deleted selected images until the message finally got through from ymail.  It was not the PDFs but one little innocuous JPG of 824B!  This is an image of a Michelin 'rosette'.  I ran the JPG through Malwarebytes and Windows Defender and it passed OK.  I will try and attach it here, but copying it into another email on its own and sending it does not necessarily reproduce the problem.  File Manager says it is 824B, but sending it from Outlook make it about 4kB in size.  Anyway, I think I might tell the hotel what is causing the problem in case they want their IT folks to investigate further.  I wonder if a TalkTalk spam filter's analysis of the original message content or structure is the problem - or it could be something else entirely.  Any further ideas are most welcome.


Insightful One
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I wonder if the email is being rejected by toucansurf because of its size since you say it contains a PDF and several JPGs. How big is it ? I may be wrong but seem to recall being told the old domains like toucansurf and pipex had quite small email size limits, something migration to the new platform (whenever that will happen) would fix.

Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!