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Problem sending email

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Am unable to use Windows Live Mail to send email from my tiscali address. Have used for years...

Outgoing port is 25 - have tried changing to 587 but not difference . Getting this errror messge  ( have been able to send email using webmail version on TT website but this is not my usual way of using ) 

any ides most appreciated!

Subject 'Re: Saturday 14th'

Server Error: 453

Server Response: 453 4.1.1 6I1zft25DnnLB Too Many Invalid Recipients (TT507)

Server: ''

Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC79

Protocol: SMTP

Port: 25

Secure(SSL): No


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Thanks for the reply - as seeems to be the case overnight the email has sorted itself out - it must have been one messge that didn't want to go through that caused the issue -I cleared the stuck messages and it is now okay.....

thanks for taking the time to write  a message.


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Hi @pict73


The indication is that your email account has been sending to recipients that have either blocked your email address or the email address isn't correct.  The error message isn't a permanent failure but is applying a temporary block as a spam protection measure.  Are you emailing to many recipients i.e. to a mailing list or group?


Have you checked the Sent folder to see what emails have been sent?  Have you received any bounceback messages from mailer-daemon or postmaster indicating that emails have been rejected?


I do hope that your email account hasn't been hijacked.  Scammers can try email addresses at random to try and find valid addresses to spam or scam and they'll use hijacked email accounts to carry out their nefarious activities.


Are you able to change your email password to secure your account?  And you've checked your devices for viruses and malware?


You'll be able to send tomorrow when the temporary block has been removed.


Here are the settings for Tiscali email (Click here).  Port 25 is not recommended as it's not secure and will not work off the TalkTalk network.


I recommend you use the recommended settings: outgoing port 587, SSL and outgoing authentication.  Some recipient servers will automatically refuse insecure email as potential spam and may not even give out a rejection message.

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