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Receiving emails but can’t send on iOS

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I see there are a lot of posts about this issue and I’ve read those as well as the help topics to no avail.


I am having difficulty sending emails on both my iPad and iPhone. Receiving emails on these devices is fine and webmail works for both sending and receiving. My email in these devices has been working fine until I decided to try importing my talktalk emails to gmail. I was trying to do this this afternoon on my laptop. When I then went back to my iPad and iPhone I was able to receive but not send any emails. I have removed my talktalk account from the gmail account.


When I try to send an email I get an error message saying “cannot send mail: the username or password is incorrect” despite them both being correct. I've tried changing my password to see if that helps. I've deleted and re-added the accounts. I've restarted the devices but I can only receive and not send emails.


My broadband is with EE...not sure if that is significant or not. I've checked all the server settings and they match the ones listed in the help section.


Hopefully somebody can help get my email back up and running properly.


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Nice one.


If the settings are exactly as per the Email settings Help article then it should work. Sometimes the iOS app doesn't set up quite as it should and needs a tweak.


But good to know you're good to go.

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It’s just started working again. I've spent all afternoon trying to fix a problem that has corrected itself.