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Security certificate errors on sending email

Chat Champion
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I am having certificate failures on sending email. I had this problem last Monday, then it went away, now it's back.

I am using a tiscali address and  I run Thunderbird on Windows 7. The error message Thunderbird gives is "The site attempts to idetify itself with invalid information. Wrong Site. The certificate belongs to a different site, which could mean someone is trying to impersonate the site."


Please Talktalk, fix this problem.


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I'm seeing this issue now on 2 separate mail clients (apple on iPhone & MS Outlook on a PC), both connected to my TalkTalk broadband service.


Both reporting that the certificate on the mail server ( is invalid because the name on the cert does not match that of the server (its assigned to & does not mention any additional names as I expect it should). This cert only became valid on the 16th April 2018, so my guess is its a failed renewal.


Note: I switched my iPhone's WiFi connection off, so it connected via my phone provider (not TalkTalk) & my backlog of emails from this device were sent imediately, whilst me PC is still failing.


I've attempted to report this to TalkTalk, via the chat service on their iPhone app & after a bunch of pointless questions suggesting the issue was at my end & ignoring the fact that I'd answered the same questions about 3-4 messages back, they simply stopped responding to me. Then 50 minutes later they he asked if I was able to log on to webmail (Arrrgghhh).

After I pointed out that I'm not using webmail, I got the "Ok, I need to inform you at this point that we offer very limited support for emai programs ... " & again an attempt to ask for some basic email client config questions.


I'm feeling depressed ... 😞


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Two hours later the problem has gone away. Pleased about this.


But, Talktalk, there is obviously an intermittant problem - perhaps one of the servers making up the SMTP facility for tiscali has a bad certificate.


Please  raise this as a continuing problem with whoever runs your email.