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Sent Email missing..

Tink E R Bell
Whizz Kid
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Yesterday sent an email message, receiving an automated reply that this person was away until 4th April. Went into this sent message to either copy/cut message to send to another contact. (sorry cannot recall which). Somehow this message is now lost, cannot locate within Mail on iMac or through Mail on TalkTalk Homepage.


Any ideas where it has gone and how to find it would be greatly appreciated.


When I attempt to log in to Mail on TT homepage it does not accept password, meaning I have to recreate and then change in Mail on iMac as well. When I log into TT, with another email address/password I can access Community Forum, type message then get a pop up saying something strange has occurred (or something similar). This then asks me for a forum password, which when entered means I have lost the message I've just typed! Why does it allow me access to forum with TT password, when I cannot post a message using it?


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Hi Tink E R Bell,

Glad to hear you found it


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Jus to add, found missing email in Trash in TT Mail, yet could not locate in Mail on Mac where I originally sent message. Sent from Trash to Inbox and it has appeared in both Mail systems.


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That would happen if the message was inadvertently deleted. Deleted mail messages are moved to the Trash folder.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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AH ha it's turned up in the Trash! Thanks!!

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Thanks for the reply Gondola


I followed your advice and it did not find the missing email, should have been in sent folder.

Checked elsewhere and nothing discovered.


Community Star
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Hi Tink E R Bell 


The TalkTalk Mail Search function is a power tool to find missing mail that's been inadvertently dropped into another folder.

Enter your email address, select Continue.

Enter your email password manually; don't accept an auto filled in password as it's probably wrong (easily done when using Chrome) select Sign in.


The search box is above the Folder view. Select a folder to search. Search by sender name or keyword. If the search of the selected folder reveals nothing then the search can continue for the whole mailbox. 


If it's there the search will find it.


As I said above, the browser saved password is incorrect and when presenting that saved password it's a fail each time which I think is what you're saying. Just check the saved browser login and delete if wrong to allow a correct password to be saved. 


Why does Community allow you to compose a message when you are not signed in? Because software developers seem to inhabit a parallel world that's not our world. Been there, been frustrated, tell myself to check the login next time.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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