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Slow E mail

First Timer
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Hi.  My first post, hopefully looking for a good response.

Is anyone out there experiencing very slow E mail performance.

Since talktalk have updated their E mail facility, the navigation around my e mails is painfully slow.

I can quickly and easily connect to my e mail inbox — it is then that the trouble starts.

My e mails take an age to load and delete and, should I click on delete spam, delete trash, etc — or — try and enter my Address book to write an email, I sit around waiting for ages. Even signing out of my inbox takes an age.

I have been with talktalk for years, this has never happened before, all worked well prior to the talktalk update. 

Got in touch with customer services who investigated and sent me a new Router — fitted it — no difference when in my emails, still painfully slow.

The navigation online, around websites, using the standard Safari search engine for my Apple i Mach computer, is very quick, just like it used to be before the update. When I enter my e mails however I fall asleep waiting, can’t continue like this, will have to look at a different provider if it isn’t sorted shortly.

As I’m using the same hardware, the same software and a new Router, I can only assume it’s the new updated system for emails that’s causing my problems. The continual automatic loading of advertisements on the email page doesn’t seem to help things.

What have you done TalkTalk, this update appears a disaster. Is the updated email system working correctly, doesn’t appear that it is.

Some other talktalk customers must have this problem ?

Thanks everyone in anticipation 





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Hi @gt100 


Looks like it's a compatibility issue then.


Safari 12.1 is compatible with MacOS 10.12 to 10.13.  Firefox 66.0.2 is compatible with MacOS 10.9 to 10.14. Firefox 66 will therefore work with any MacOS that Safari 12.1 is compatible with.


Your system will support the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client or Apple Mail email client set up for IMAP accounts. Try any one of those, or any other of your choice. The TalkTalk Mail compatibility is included at the bottom of this article: Problems with TalkTalk Mail

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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I am using an Apple i Mach table top, Safari 12.1 and a new Router direct from talktalk. Basically, exactly the same kit and system I was using prior to the talktalk Mail upgrade.

Went into my Mail inbox 30 minutes ago, still the same —- devilishly slow.

Will have to contact talktalk again. No response from the community yet, has anyone else got this problem?



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Hi @gt100 


The new TalkTalk Mail is compatible with Apple Safari (10.01 & 10.03; Mac OS X only). Does that match your system?

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