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Hello, can anyone help me to stop emails that pretend to be from supermarkets and other well know names. E.G. Tesco, when I hold on the from name it comes up as from admin. (random number). . I block these & delete the mail, but they keep coming . Each time the senders name before the @ changes. So blocking them is fruitless. 



Support Team
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Hi LittleDave45, Gondola's given you the right advice. Be aware though that you can never stop the spammers fully as they will change the sending server, address real and spoof in order to maintain their income. '



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Hi LittleDave45 


When you select the email options menu and select View Source then look at the line that starts From, you're going to see the name of the originator and then in <chevron brackets> the real sending address. Copy and paste that line here. Is the domain part of the email address within the chevrons always the same for these spam emails? You could set a Filter Rule to move all mail from the domain into the Spam folder.


When you receive one of these messages are you selecting from the toolbar Mark as spam?


That will move the mail to the Spam folder and will notify the CloudMark network filtering to fingerprint those messages so anything that matches key fingerprint details will get marked as spam even if the sending address does change.

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