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Spam filter is not working....

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My father uses his talktalk email for virtually everything.


He is constantly receiving spam. Every time I visit him I mark the emails as spam.


But, they still keep appearing in his inbox.


He's 85 and doesn't understand how to apply filters or even mark them as spam.


Unfortunately - he's been caught out a few times thinking they are genuine emails, which they aren't.


I've tried to get him to change to gmail as they filter spam out quite well. But again he doesn't think this can be done.


Is there any way spam filters could be applied more stringently to the inbox??


I'm sure other TT customers are having these problems too.


Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


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Hi John


Once spammers know your father's email address he's going to be targeted. Spammers will frequently change senders and styles to get round network or mailbox filters.


Marking as Spam and leaving the spam mail in the Spam folder will notify the TalkTalk network filtering spam sender intelligence to help fingerprint spam. A lot of spam is blocked but that does not apply an instant block to new spam targeting your father.


So, if unwanted spam is that bad, your father has two solutions:

  • Migrate the wanted senders to a new mailbox and delete the existing
    As a TalkTalk Consumer customer he has 5 mailboxes
    Or set up a new mail account with gMail, for example
  • Set up a single filter rule to allow wanted senders only
    Then just maintain that filter rule by adding contacts from the Address Book
    Set the Mail Settings option to Automatically collect contacts while sending

The Filter rule is equivalent to a Safe Senders Filter. The contact addresses of wanted senders are in a filter rule and that rule moves any other mail to Trash or other folder for review.  The Contacts Address Book does not automatically update the Filter rule so manually updating the Filter rule is something that needs to be done when a new contact is added.

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