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Why am I suddenly getting dozens of spam emails in my box everyday? Is there anything I can do to stop them?


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I have the opposite problem to most people here: TalkTalk is putting almost ALL my mail into my spam folder. This has been getting steadily worse.

It even puts all messages from TalkTalk into my spam folder! When I joined this group guess where TalkTalk spam filter put the acknowledgement.

I filter all my mail with MailWasher - I don't want TalkTalk deciding what is and what isn't spam but there is no way of controlling it.

I've stayed with TalkTalk for a long time mainly to avoid the inconvenience of changing my email provider but if they can't fix this I will migrate to a new email system soon, and then I'll be able change ISP without worry.


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Keith, it is madness.  There is no other word for it.  Well, as I sit and ponder that last sentence, a few others do spring to mind but I'm far too polite (even to TT) to use them.

I wish I had the time and devotion to follow your actions. 

I'm in the process of moving as many TT-based logins to gmail as I am so frustrated at getting nowhere with TT.  I have the tv box, broadband and phone and wish I had the conviction to bin the lot and start afresh with someone else.

Talking of irony (sorry), I use the delightful email application on my Macbook which seems to have an intuitive spam filter.  So much so that the TT Community emails go straight to spam along with the others you so eloquently documented above.

Please keep on with the very entertaining posts.


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Dear all,


Just by way of an update, since my last post (on ‎25-07-2016 05:50 PM - last edited on ‎25-07-2016 05:56 PM by ferguson).


I have given up forwarding spam emails to the "Abuse Response Team" primarily because they have done nothing to stem the flood (ie they are not responding in any tangible fashion) but also because my mail direct to Dido Harding did produce a response. It is a weak and feeble response which does not address the issue, it exposes more flaws in the TalkTalk organisation, it does not solve the problem, but it was a response non-the-less. 


I received an emailed reply from Mr DR , sent Thursday 28/07/2016 03.05 PM, informing me that:


"... my role is to resolve any customer issues on behalf of Dido Harding.


I will initiate an immediate investigation into the background of your issue and will be contacting you shortly to discuss the matter in more detail. Should you have an alternative contact number and time, please confirm to me and I will ensure this method is used. In the interim, I am available by both e-mail or telephone. My direct number is xxxyyyzzzzzzzz".


I was also assigned a TalkTalk Incident number


I made a big mistake in that I took Mr DR at his word & I waited, dumb sucker that I am, for his call. No call!


On Monday 01/08/2016 02.48 PM I received an email from ER saying:

" I have been trying to contact you to resolve your complaint but I have not heard back from you with your account details.


It is important to TalkTalk to help resolve your complaint. To allow us to do that we would need to access your account. i would be grateful if you could forward me your TalkTalk land line number, account number or even your post code would be fine.


As soon as this information is received we will investigate your complaint and ten contact you accordingly."


a) Note that the spelling mistake & lack of capitalisation are original ... this was copy/pasted from the email as received

b) There were another three emails to me (from DR) included in the thread (from ER) which I had never received before all requesting this same information. Now I am wondering if I am losing emails, which others on this thread have reported, although I was not aware of this before.


On Tuesday 2nd August (at around 10:00 am) I called the number DR had given me, the phone was answered by someone in his office who was having the calls forwarded as DR is now on holiday for two weeks.  "Someone else will be assigned to my case" and "Even though I have an Incident Number this is listed as a "Non-Customer Complaint"".


Hang on? I have forwarded mails to the Abuse Response Team from TalkTalk mail addresses, I vented spleen on the TalkTalk Community, I sent a snot-o'gram-email to the CEO Dido Harding, DR from the "CEO Office, TalkTalk Group" mailed to me using my TalkTalk email address, I phoned back from a TalkTalk landline number and this is still a "Non-Customer Complaint"?.


In this household my wife is the "Contract Holder" even though we pay the bills from a joint account.  TalkTalk needed one name at the time the account was set up ... she gave hers. So, I enlisted the help of my wife even though I am a big boy and all grown-up (yes, really) and despite the fact that it is my email that is getting spammed ... hers is not, & I pray that this continues.


My wife called the same contact number for DR, that I had used earlier in the day, but this time got an out of office voice reply. So she emailed the same contact email address (Sent: 02 August 2016 15:17) and received the following reply:


"Subject: Update Contact Information (Incident: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)


We're sorry, it looks like your email address doesn't match!


Your recent enquiry was sent from an email address not associated with your contact details. ... ""


Which, when you click on it leads to a TalkTalk error message:


"TalkTalk Help
Oops! This page is no longer available

We're working hard to improve the quality of our help articles, and as a result it looks like this page no longer exists. Sorry for any inconvenience caused."





Since receiving DR's reply last Thursday I was naive enough to think that a solution was possible so I emptied my Outlook junk & spam folders. Since last Thursday, in the past five days, I have received:

  • 208 spam emails
  • 1 scamming phone call (last Friday, from Jack, on the TalkTalk landline, asking if I wanted to speed up my broadband access). The number showed up as "Out of Area" which means that this cannot be reported on the Scamming Report link as there was no number available.  This is probably just as well otherwise it could have opened up a whole new discussion. (P.S. to ferguson: I am being "ironic")



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Hi @manskei I have removed the spurious email addresses from your post, you should continue to report these in the normal way.


As for my remark, well, I stand by it, I still think it is ironic to post anybody's email address in a thread about spam, but there we are.


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You are absolutely on the button when you pointed out that "All personal email addresses are blocked for personal security"  (please also note my own follow up post from the early hours of this morning) but you are way-off-beam when you say that "it seems ironic in a thread about spam that you should wish to post someone's email address on the internet."


It does not seem "ironic" in the least to me when a customer has to resort to such drastic action to try to get a problem resolved.  This is not a new issue (extant from November last year), it is not mine alone (count the threads in this Community relating to multiple unresolved spam issues. I found at least four before I gave up searching through the permutations) and, having finally had a response on behalf of Ms Harding, I have absolutely no regrets having taken this action. You should also bear in mind that Ms Hardings e-mail is a matter of public record.  Google search using the search term "Dido Harding email" is perfectly adequate. Basic computer skills really!


What I do find "ironic" is that the problem itself does not form part of your comment but you instead take issue with the desperation that led me to this point.  


My "Abuse Response Team" tally is now 1135 on "account 1" and 139 on "account 2". I have also received a further 9 spam emails on one account and 2 on the other which will be forwarded to the Abuse Response Team in the next few minutes. Note that these totals have increased in the past ~15 hours or so and also note that NONE OF THESE TOTALS include the messages from repeat mailers which are caught by my own spam filters and automatically deleted without being opened.


*removed spurious email addresses*


I have absolutely no qualms what-so-ever at having addressed my original mail to Ms Harding.


Thank you for your, slightly missing the point, concern,



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Keith - what a brilliant post! It describes my situation and feelings about TalkTalk exactly.


I have now given up fully with talktalk email, and changed every address I have to Gmail. It was the only answer to the rediculous situation.

As soon as my TalkTalk contract comes to an end I am leaving - They only have themselves to blame. I use the TT Fibre BB and the TV, but it is not enough to keep me.

Shame - been a TT customer since they first opened ** years ago.


Good luck with the Spam....  🙂


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All personal email addresses are blocked for personal security, it seems ironic in a thread about spam that you should wish to post someone's email address on the internet.


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I just to make it clear that it was not myself that typed the esteemed CEO's email address as: *@#][!![]'#[@#]!*  The text was scrambled before it appeared in this thread.


This indicates to me that there is a certain amount of paranoia around in this company right now if TalkTalk find it necessary to have that kind of surveilance filter in place on a "Community" discussion board.  


Happy spam blocking to one and all!



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I am delighted that your Spam problems were solved - Mine have not been.  I run 2x mail addresses from this TalkTalk account.


On the first "personal" account I have received 1095 individual, unique & separately sent spam messages since 4th November 2015. Through the second "work related" account I have now received 108 since 18th May 2016.


I know that these are unique as each one has had the message body copied into a new email, the subject line has been added and each and every one has been sent to Abuse Response Team <**bleep**>.  The sender has been blocked on each occassion (which is how I know that they are from unique addresses) and I have also set myself up Outlook rules to file away the Ticket number replies ... hence I can give such an accurate count.  MInd you, these are only the ones I could be bothered (and had time) to report, so the total is certainly higher.



I dare say that others have suffered more than myself but I am tired of Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrison and M&S voucher offers.  My blood sugar should be exceedingly low (after using various dietary supplements) but I am glad of the prostate treatments available as these will help me satisfy all the Russian brides I am offered.  Thankfully I can apply for multiple free spins on various fruit machines, have loan offers in the multiple ££££'s and can obtain multiple credit cards to fund the whole shebang.  I do not suffer fibromyalgia but also have treatment offers available if I were to be so unlucky.  There are even TalkTalk special offers on broadband and phones if I chose to tell anyone outside this community of my good fortune.


THIS IS NONSENSE !!!!  What on earth are the Abuse Response Team doing? They are not preventing or responding to spam but they are certainly abusing their customers by allowing this volume of junk to continue.  A recent tactic I have adopted is to forward the more blatant emails to the respective Companies ... Amazon are particularly quick to reply & are grateful for the information that the mail is received through the TalkTalk system.


This email is being copied to Dido Harding at *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* ... I doubt that she will see it ... there must be far too much spam in her inbox.



Keith Mansfield



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I am sorry that you are still having problems with your emails, I know how frustrating it is. My Talktalk is now 100% efficient; so if they redressed my problems  - copious offensive emails and return of all my deleted emails, for months -, why can't they do it for everyone? I hope you have peace of mind very soon X 


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Same problem - getting really cheesed off.


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Feel the same as you - fed up!!!!


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Hope you sort it out soon TalkTalk as getting fed up with all the rubbish coming through.  Thought the new layout was supposed to stop problems, not add to them.  We are paying for a service and that's what we expect to receive.


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What have you threatened TalkTalk with to get your emails 'back to normal'?

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I am sorry you are still having a problem, Westy. For the last two days, my emails have been back to normal, and I am hoping that this will continue. If Talktalk can do this for me, why aren't they doing it for everyone?  Good luck.


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I feel for you and your frustration. I am having the exact same issues - it is driving me nuts.

I am thinking the only thing to do is delete my email address. I have had it for 12 years, and not sure what chaos that would lead to with my contacts. Not sure what else I can do.

The senders email address changes on practically every email. I mark as Junk, delete, block, you name it - but they still keep coming.




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Now that I've taken to using the email app on my phone, I have to do this tedious process twice over!  Even if 'spammed' in mail through the TalkTalk website, the same rubbish appears in my phone's email app.

I too am gradually moving all of my email contacts to a Gmail account.  Life's too short to have to put up with this.

It would seem to me that TalkTalk niether care, nor can be bothered to even look as if they care, about their customers.


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The spam situation on my TalkTalk account has led me to abandon it as my primary email account. It is absolutely ridiculous the amount of spam I still received in TalkTalk - I checked it over the weekend but not since beore Christmas and I had 38 pages of spam in my webmail. That is ludicrous!


The worst thing is that it is the same rubbish over and over and over again. Same domain suffix but constant changes with actual email address. 


I can set emails as spam until I'm blue in the face but it never seems to stop them coming in!


A complete waste of my time and effort and I had enough a long time ago


In fact I have just checked it again - and have 6 pages of *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* to deal with again! Since Sunday evening!


Thank you very much TalkTalk - this is enduring the unendurable! Sort it!


The other worst thing is that when I set emails as spam in the webmail client, more often than not they don't actually disappear into the spam folde r- I have to set them again to make it work! Ridiculous!


One very annoyed TalkTalk user


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I haven't been able to access my talktalk emails for 5 days. Today I am on here and I have had to delete (put in blocked messages box) 144 - one hundred and forty four !!- junk emails

This is a disgrace, and talktalk are doing nothing about it. My IT man is coming next week to put me with a competent  server.



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@Karl-TalkTalk wrote:



Which domains are the spam emails coming from, the bit after the @





Hi OCE Karl.


Would a screen shot help u out.


As if we where to post each one then it would take ages as they change the ending snice this started.


Also when will the chnage be done on ur spam side this year i hope as it just makes us more sure to get a good offer in the december offer u are going to do on for ur current customers.


8 years i have been with u now and ony now have i full see u put prices UP but say u spent it on ur system and stuff but that a NO as why is my account being re bulit ????????

Hope that help Regards Joe
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