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Stating my account will be deactivated on 31st may!

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Hi I recieved an email from talktalk this morning stating that my mail plus account is going to be deactivated on the 31st may because of a payment issue with credentials not being correct to take the payment in may. I have paid you guys on the 13th may this month and the payment was cleared with my bank. Why 2 days before it's due to be disconnected am I receiving this email. It tells me to click and change my account details in the my account section of the website. Naturally I didnt click the email. I pay for a service from you guys because I need those emails. Why is it being disconnected in 2 days if I have already paid you this month. Please confirm.... thank you. 


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Hi @Angrycustomer265 


View the email via the webmail login here and if the mail message is genuinely from TalkTalk there will be a yellow padlock icon in front of the From: address.


You say you didn't click the email link - is that because you believe the mail message is not from TalkTalk?  Help with Phishing emails 


Show us a screenshot of the mail message. Image edit to obscure your email address before uploading here using the Insert Photos icon (camera or picture) above this Reply area.


The payment is normally by Direct Debit with your bank. But if that cannot be taken due to insufficient funds then you would have been notified and a one-off payment can be made via the MailPlus MyAccount. Note that you must sign in to the MailPlus MyAccount and not any former broadband MyAccount or the payment will not be credited to your MailPlus account.


About TalkTalk Mail Plus If you miss a payment then the mailbox will revert to webmail only access until payment is made via the MailPlus MyAccount.

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Hi I don't have a landline I just pay for mail plus through talktalk.
Thank you

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@Angrycustomer265, please put your landline phone number in your community profile details. 


Staff will need to identify your account to look into this. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; see "Personal Information" in the dropdown menu that starts "email". Fill in as much information as possible and save changes. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.