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TT E-mail was working fine yesterday, but this morning, I can neither send or receive any e-mails using my "********" address.  When I attempt to send, I get a pop-up box stating:

Message could not be sent to the following recipients: [*****, *****] (554 - 554 5.2.0 AWwQn98GwXwWM Sender Denied (TT608)


I have altered nothing in the settings that could account for this, but having recently found that my existing password mysterously did not work, I changedf my e-mail password for this address a few days ago.  Since then, all has been OK - until now.


Does anyone have any ideas as to a resolution please?


Many thanks,



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Hi Dorchester,


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Many thanks once again Gondola for your fantastic assistance regarding this matter.  All is now sorted with e-mails up and running on Outlook on both PCs.


All the best,



P.S.  Where do I find the "Thumbs Up" icon so that I can click it for you?  It does not appear anywhere on my page!

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For Outlook 2013 and a POP3 mail account:


On the Outgoing Server tab:

  • Tick My outgoing server requires authentication
  • Tick Log on using
    Enter the full email address in the User Name box
    And email password in the Password box
  • Select OK

On the Advanced tab:

  • Incoming server (POP3): 995
  • Tick the box This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
  • Outgoing server (SMTP): 587
  • Use the following type of encrypted connection Select TLS from the drop down or Auto
    (TLS may not work unless TLS 1.2 encryption has been added to the OS)
  • Select OK

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Hi Gondola,


Once again, many thanks indeed for your swift and comprehensive answer to my problem.


I normally use Outlook on both of my PCs, and when I could not send e-mail from one of them (my older PC), I decided to check and see if the result using TT Web Mail was the same.  Unfortunately, the WebMail page was VERY slow to load, so I tried the same on my other (newer) PC.  As both PCs use a VPN, this would account for logins from different UK locations, this causing the popup that I received.


I have now re-booted both PCs, and run a thorough check on all drives (using System Mechanic Ultimate Defense), which has fortunately not found any 'nasties', so all looks to be OK.  Webmail now appears to be OK (able to send and receive), but on both of my PCs I am unable to send - but I can receive.  Checking all of the settings and passwords as per your comprehensive answer to my previous post found nothing wrong. 

One point that you may be able to assist with is concerning the encryption for the outgoing server.  The TT guide specifies "STARTTLS", which I can select on my new PC (Outlook 2019), but on my older PC (Outlook 2013), I only have a choice of selecting from a drop-doen list, which includes ""None",  "SSL",  "TLS" or "Auto".  (Please see attached screenslot) 


Could you kindly advise which of these to use please?


Many thanks,



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Hi Dorchester 


The TT608 error is detection of multiple concurrent logins or attempted logins to your mailbox from geographically distanced locations.


A potential sign of a compromised mailbox but can be caused if the user's devices are signed in via distanced access points. For example, one of your devices may be a mobile signed in via a VPN host or a workplace and you're also signed in at home i.e. a false positive for hacking.


So if you sign out of all devices, scan devices to ensure they're clean of viruses, trojans and password grabbing malware and then change your password using the Reset password now button in the help page  Changing your email password preferably using a reset code of 6 digits sent to your recovery mobile number. A hacker wouldn't physically have your mobile to know you're changing the password.


Just use TalkTalk Mail webmail for the time being.


Let us know how you're signed in to TalkTalk Mail and the ways you were viewing your mail messages when the TT608 issue first happened.


If you're getting the Sender denied error AND you are not receiving mail it may indicate that a hacker has already been at work and set up an Auto forward or other Filter rule.


Worth checking those settings.

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